Women have an equal role in gender selection before conception

Women have an equal role in gender selection before conception
Women have an equal role in gender selection before conception
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Conception is that moment when the final standing male sperm beats the vying sperm in the race to fertilise the female egg (ova) and kickstart pregnancy. If the winning sperm contains a ‘Y’ chromosome, that baby will become a boy. Alternatively, if the sperm contains ‘X’ chromosomes, the baby will become a girl.

Many sources claim that you can maximise your chances of conceiving either a boy or a girl through fad diets and certain fancy positions and that getting the baby boy or girl you want is, ultimately, down to pure luck. Plus, if you wanted to find out whether these diets and conceivable positions worked, you would typically have to wait until the 20-week ultrasound scan to catch a glimpse of your baby’s parts – and, even then, it’s not 100% accurate.

But, what if a company from America has come forward and not only claims that they can, with over 90% accuracy, offer gender determination of baby from the date of conception but also claim that women have an equal role in gender selection of their baby before conception has even begun?

Urobiologics’ hypothesis – women’s hormonal environments can determine gender

A company called Urobiologics extensively researched 100% natural, non-invasive methods of gender selection and post-conception gender determination, and they have finally proven that there is a way. The answer lies within the woman’s hormonal cycle.

Dr Kuldeep Verma, Chief Scientist of Urobiologics, believes that women play an equal role in gender selection. Just like there are two different types of sperm, ‘X’ and ‘Y’, there are two different types of hormonal environments which alternate in every menstrual cycle. Urobiologics advise couples that if they want to have a boy, they conceive in the ‘boy cycle’, and if they want to have a girl, they conceive in the ‘girl cycle’. And these tests are believed to be over 90% accurate. But, how do they work?

The PreGender Preconception Test Service (for Gender Planning Before Pregnancy)

Dr Kuldeep Verma is vehement that couples do not need to play a game of chance and end up with multiple babies of the same gender. There are no pH hoaxes, no acidic or alkaline douching, no gender dieting, charts, calendars or moon theories to follow. Using the PreGender Preconception Test, couples are only required to submit mid-cycle urine samples, which can be mailed from most countries without the need for travel. Urobiologics then identifies the alternating uterine hormonal environments by testing the urine samples (you cannot identify the cycle by testing the blood or saliva.) And, Dr Verma is so confident of the test’s success that Urobiologics will refund couples double if they do not get their planned boy or girl using his program. The woman’s hormones will do everything that is needed to determine the gender of the baby.

“I completed my family through preconception advice from Urobiologics. I got my son last week. It is amazing that simply by conceiving in the cycles recommended by them one can get the baby they wanted. As I didn’t go for any other test, scepticism kept me occupied all the time during pregnancy; now I am a stronger believer in this technology”

Gloria Hu, Netherlands, 11.02.2012

The science behind the PreGender Preconception Test

Ovulation creates two types of hormonal environments in the uterus. These environments alternate in consecutive menstrual cycles. The sperm then ‘determines’ the gender, yet the hormonal environment of the uterus in that cycle appears to ‘influence’ the expression of the baby’s sex characteristics. So, if there is a ratio of more testosterone to oestrogen in one cycle, the environment will favour the conception of a boy. If there is a ratio of more oestrogen to testosterone in the alternate cycle, the environment will favour the conception of a girl (and select the ‘X’ chromosome bearing sperm). Urobiologics will then guide the couple via a conception plan on when and how they should conceive. The process of conception then ‘locks’ the environment and that the environment would stay the same until the baby is born or miscarried

Urobiologics believe they can prove that the above steps work and that the result will allow for gender-specific conception to be possible naturally if one conceives in the appropriate menstrual cycle.

The above diagram shows the alternating ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ cycles after testing two urine samples. If conception occurs in ‘Cycle 3’, the boy phase is locked for nine months. Some pregnancy test kits can detect pregnancy six days before the expected period date. However, Urobiologics’ second test, The FirstGender Test, can detect the gender of the baby from the date of conception and there is a 90% chance that it would be a boy because conception occurred in a boy phase.

The below diagram shows some examples of the process the PreGender Test uses to conceive the gender of choice:

For more information on the PreGender Test, visit Urobiologics’ website.

The FirstGender Test Service (for Gender Detection after Pregnancy)

Dr Kuldeep Verma’s company uses unique technology to evaluate the gender of the baby by testing a mid-stream sample of the expecting mother’s urine (for two resting periods pooled into one bottle). The test can be administered from as early as five weeks up to the twentieth week of pregnancy, and with an expected accuracy of 95%. More information on the process used can be found on Urobiologics’ website.

What is the scientific basis of the early FirstGender Test?

If the mother is carrying a boy, her urine will contain more testosterone than of a mother’s urine who is carrying a girl. Through several developed procedures, Urobiologics compares the sample with that of a mixed sample from several women who have delivered girls or confirmed they are carrying girls through amniocentesis or CVS test. If the sample matches, then Urobiologics are reasonably confident that the baby is a girl

 “You ensure conception, we ensure gender”

Dr Kuldeep Verma, Urobiologics

More information about Urobiologics

  • Urobiologics claim they are the first ever company to determine gender by testing urine and have put in thirty years of extensive work on developing unique technology for gender selection and determination.
  • Urobiologics believe they can detect gender as soon as the woman has confirmed a positive pregnancy test.
  • No procedure can ever be 100% accurate. Urobiologics believe their test results are 95% accurate as long as directions are followed for sample collection and storage carefully.
  • Urobiologics have currently filed two patent applications worldwide.

If you have any more questions on the FirstGender test, please visit Urobiologics’ website for Frequently Asked Questions.

Isn’t Urobiologic’s PreGender Test just a natural way of creating Designer Babies?

No, because you are not genetically modifying the baby through invasive methods; you are simply selecting the cycle in which to conceive and then letting nature take its course. This process may work well for couples who already have multiples babies of the same gender.

How do I order a test?

  • The PreGender Test can be ordered over the phone or through the website.
  • Urobiologics will mail the urine sample materials along with a prepaid ship-ready UPS or FedEx envelope so that you can mail the samples back to them.
  • You collect two urine samples separately for two cycles near ovulation and ship both samples together.
  • A full plan is then discussed as to which cycle you are advised to conceive, as well as how to conceive.
  • No additional testing is required for six months. However, Urobiologics do recommend to take two tests any time after six months to reposition the family planning effort. This is because undetected conception may temporarily lock the hormonal environment and disturb the sequence.
  • If conception is a problem, Urobiologics recommend customers to go for Intra-uterine Insemination (IUI) but in an appropriate cycle. IUI is a more natural alternative to IVF, as IVF involves a lot of hormonal injections and may cause an imbalance to the natural hormone set up in a particular cycle, ultimately causing low success rates.
  • Customers are offered a 10% discount (on the combined price) when buying both the PreGender and FirstGender test (please refer to the fee table below). Customers are also offered a double refund warranty and entry into the ‘Live Chart’. More information on these benefits can be found on Urobiologics’ website.

Customers can contact Urobiologics by calling toll free at 1-877-HE-OR-SHE (1-877-436-7743) or direct at 313-574-7500 in the USA or through email:

“Not only has Urobiologics got extremely high success rates but Dr Verma is so helpful and supportive. I found out yesterday that the pre and post-gender test had worked for me when other techniques failed. Dr Verma guided me in which cycles to conceive to get me a girl. Interestingly, I conceived in the desired cycle, and the post-con sample test also confirmed a girl. Finally, after two correct boy reports by Urobiologics, my ultrasound was very clearly a girl. If you are reading this, I know how desperate you are to have a baby girl/boy. Please try it; you can only imagine how happy I am, I want you to experience it too.”

Emma Hine, UK, 19.05.2011

Whether you are planning for your first baby or you have boys, and you would like a daughter (or vice versa), Urobiologics offers a PreGender Test so you can successfully conceive a baby of your desired gender. However, a caveat must be inserted here that the sex of the baby should not matter more than his/her health and well-being, and that all babies are miracles regardless of whether they end up as boys or girls!

If you are planning a family would you want to know the gender of your baby before conceiving? Share with us in the comments below!

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