Why we decided to use an airport car parking service during our holiday

Why we decided to use airport car parking service- motherhooddiaries
Why we decided to use an airport car parking service during our holiday
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Last summer, we travelled to North Cyprus for my brother’s wedding, but we had no idea how we were going to get to the airport as we were travelling during work/school days and no one was around to drop us off and pick us up. We pondered over taking a cab, which would have cost us £70 each way, but we felt that £70 was just too expensive, so we decided to follow the airport car parking option, which we’ve never tried before. Not having any idea where to start looking for quotes, we turned to our friend ‘Google’, which fired up hundreds of thousands of results from various sources, offering competitive prices. After scouring all the reviews and every single website in the search engine, we settled for a website called SkyParkSecure which offers a service that compares prices and reviews from over 300 UK airport parking services and with a 96% review rating.

Why we decided to use an airport car parking service during our holiday - motherhooddiaries
Image taken from SkyParkSecure’s website

On the homepage, we selected our airport, which was Heathrow, the date and time we would need to drop and pick up the car, and then we hit ‘Search Prices’.

We found a quote for £58.78 and we were massively impressed with the large discount, especially as this amount covered both drop off and pick up – taking a cab one-way was almost £20 more expensive!

The booking process was very simple, we inputted our car registration details, the dates and times we wanted to drop off and pick up the car and our flight details. We paid straight away online via PayPal and received a booking confirmation email immediately from Heathrow Happydays Meet & Greet, which listed out all our information and a detailed description of where to go and what time to get to the car park on the day of drop off and pick up, so that there was no confusion with instructions.

Dropping off our car

On the day, we followed our booking confirmation instructions and headed over to Heathrow Terminal 5. The confirmation email is extensive and includes detailed instructions for each terminal in Heathrow. For Terminal 5 instructions, we followed the signs to the Short Stay Car Park and Level 4. We took our ticket from the barrier and made our way to Zones R to S, as stated in the email. We were advised to call the driver about 15 – 20 minutes before we arrived at the terminal to ensure that he was ready to pick up and park the car for the duration of our 5-day trip. So, the driver, who was wearing a black jacket as stated in the email, was waiting for us already by the ticket pay machine. We parked our car in one of the designated bay areas signposted as “Off Airport Meet & Greet” and left the keys with the driver, as we signed a few forms and headed over to the entrance to Terminal 5, which was just by the car. This car parking area is ideal for families, as there is very minimal waiting time and distance between dropping the car and heading to security, especially if you’ve checked in beforehand. So, I was very impressed with how quick the entire process was – about 20 minutes from handing the keys to getting over to security.

Picking up our car

After a fantastic wedding and a brilliant holiday, we were ready to head back to our car, which was already waiting for us at the same car parking bay. We checked around for any scuffs and marks on the car and couldn’t find anything at all, so the car had been kept very well during the 5 days. After waiting just a few minutes for the keys, we were ready to head back home. There were no delays and the drivers were approachable and easy to communicate with.

Overall, we would consider using the same airport car parking service again. We found the entire process to be very simple to book online and easy to follow via the booking confirmation instructions. If you look carefully online and use SkyParkSecure’s website to browse reviews and prices, you will find the right airport car parking service for you at generally much cheaper rates than a one-way cab fare. And the process is ideal for families because you don’t have to worry about public transport, dodgy cabs, and reliance on family or friends to drop you off and pick you up. Just park your car at the airport and then pick it back up in the same place when you’re back from your holiday.

For more information on how to book via SkyParkSecure, please visit their website here. For Heathrow-specific car park services, you can visit here.

*Featured image taken from Heathrow.com*

*Review in collaboration with SkyParkSecure*

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