What’s Trust Got to Do with Healthy Pregnancy? The 4 Steps to Cultivating Trust for Empowered Conception and Pregnancy

Trust and Support during conception and pregnancy

When thinking about getting pregnant, your mind might turn to physical aspects like improving your exercise routine and getting some healthy eating habits in place. Those are certainly important in the process of preparing yourself for a healthy pregnancy, but they miss a key piece that brings everything together and sets you up for a truly empowered experience.

Without this, everything else is at risk of crumbling when the slightest thing doesn’t go according to plan. When you have this, no matter what your journey looks like, you will have set yourself up for an empowered journey. The glue that holds it all together is Trust. There are 4 key areas where you can cultivate trust so that you can have the best experience possible, even amidst the uncertainties that come with conception and pregnancy.

Trust Yourself

Developing trust in yourself is all about believing in yourself and learning to follow your intuition. This may feel like a big step, and it is, but it is absolutely possible when you have the support to get your there. You have within you an incredible power, and when you begin to tap into that, you start to have a clearer sense of what you want this experience to be like. Learning to trust in yourself and your vision is the first step to cultivating the trust necessary for an empowered experience.

Trust Your Care Providers

This may be the most important advice you ever get about this journey. If you don’t trust the people you chose to take care of you, you set yourself up for a potentially stressful experience. Be sure that you feel comfortable asking any questions that come to mind. You have to feel comfortable asking the questions and you have to feel like you trust their answers. This is important when things are going well so you feel safe and heard if there are any unexpected experiences along the way.

Trust Your Body

Whether conception and pregnancy come easily to you or if it takes more time and energy, trust that your body is capable of taking care of you. This doesn’t always look how you expect it to, and that’s okay. So often the message is to trust others and trust intervention as the first step. It’s great to have those resources when they are needed, but starting with a belief in all that your body is capable of will help you to feel more in control and empowered in any situation.

Trust Your Loved Ones

Throughout this journey, you will likely hear advice from loved ones that may or may not resonate with you and leave you feeling supported. Surround yourself closely with those who you trust most, and feel comfort in being able to lean on them. Trust doesn’t always mean agreement. Seek friends and loved ones with whom you feel comfortable voicing questions and concerns because you know you’ll be received in love and gentle honesty. Having their support will mean the world to you, and they’ll be there to speak their trust in you in moments when yours falters.

This can be an exciting, overwhelming, joyful and confusing time. When you cultivate trust in yourself, your care providers, your body, and your loved ones, you set yourself up for an incredible and empowering journey. No one can predict what this time will be like for you, but when you start with trust, the unpredictability becomes easier to flow with, and you are better able to focus on the beauty of creating life.

What's trust got to do with a healthy pregnancy. The 4 steps to cultivating trust for empowered conception and pregnancy

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Xandra O’Neill is a preconception, fertility, and pregnancy coach who supports women (http://wombtoworldwellness.com/) as they navigate the path to motherhood with ease instead of overwhelm. She is the author of Got Babies on the Brain: 30 Tips to Boost Your Fertility (http://wombtoworldwellness.com/30tipsebook)and is regularly sharing new programs and resources to help women grow their mama spirits.