Week 9 of my pregnancy - What is this metallic taste in my mouth?

Week 9 of My Pregnancy – What is this metallic taste in my mouth!?

Week 9 - My Pregnancy Journey - Image by Charlotte Watkins

This week has been an absolute nightmare! Whenever I eat or drink, I get this horrible taste in my mouth that tastes like… metal! I don’t really know what metal tastes like, but I can imagine that it would be the same horrible lingering taste that I get 24 hours a day. I’m scared to eat because coupled with nausea, this aftertaste is tipping me over the edge! The only temporary solution to combating this terrible symptom is chewing gum or anything that has a more overpowering flavour.

But, it never lasts…

I read that it is quite normal to experience this taste in your mouth, which is scientifically known as “Dysgeusia”.

I decided to draw up a mini nutrition plan that involved consuming as many vitamins and minerals as possible, but I knew this would be difficult, and expensive! I figured that if I ate a bit more fibre in my diet, it may solve the constipation problem and even get rid of that horrible metallic taste in my mouth, so I started incorporating cereals and plenty of fruit into my diet. I’ve put on weight too as I haven’t thrown up from the morning sickness YET. I just seem to get nausea at the moment… I keep wondering when the time will come when the dreaded morning sickness will catch up with me. I still look quite dull and grey too… I thought you were meant to glow during your pregnancy!

I’m still also feeling pretty rubbish and depressed at the moment. I can’t even wash up because the smell from the kitchen makes me feel sick. In fact, everything makes me feel sick. I can’t go outside because even the smell of nature makes me feel sick. I just want to curl into a ball and watch some meaningless TV and do nothing. I don’t want to go to work… How long is this rubbish period going to last?

A fun fact – Your baby weighs under 10g!

The Science Part

Week 9 - My Pregnancy Journey - Image by Charlotte Watkins Your baby

  • Your baby will measure at about 2.3cm in length and weigh in at less than 2g.
  • The eyelids are fused and completely covering his eyes and won’t open until week 26.
  • Tiny earlobes are now visible.
  • He’s starting to look more human now.
  • His wrists are more developed, his ankles have formed and his fingers and toes are clear to see.
  • His arms are now growing longer and bending at the elbows.
  • It is still not possible to tell the sex of the baby, but his genitals are now forming.
  • By now, the placenta is producing important hormones, making nutrients for your baby and getting rid of his waste products.


  • You should have had your first antenatal appointment about now, called your booking appointment.
  • Your midwife will take a blood sample for routine tests.

Note:  These are just general ideas of how you and your baby are getting on. Don’t forget that every baby develops differently. If you are concerned about your baby’s development, please consult your midwife.

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