Week 33 of My Pregnancy – It’s my birthday and baby shower this week!

It was my birthday this week. My family and close friends took me out to a nice Turkish dinner at the weekend which was great. I really stuffed myself and enjoyed getting out of the flat and conversing with people other than hubby (no offence to hubby of course!)  I had the baby shower this weekend too. It was so nice of my best friend and sisters to arrange a surprise baby shower for me. A few of my friends turned up and brought me such nice gifts. We ate plenty of food and enjoyed ourselves with lots of pregnant banter and talk about kids and growing up. The cake was delicious and the party really perked me up – definitely put me in a much better mood. It had got so boring without the internet at home and so I was extremely happy to see the engineer come and fit the internet in at the weekend. I immediately got down to work and started catching up on hundreds of emails. The flat is coming along nicely too. The flooring is almost done, which is great as the flat won’t be so dusty anymore with the concrete floors. I can feel a lot of movement coming from my tummy and I can also feel that Boxer is finding it difficult to shift around in there because of the lack of room. I still have a strong craving for sugar, but I’ve decided that’s just down to the lack of energy at the moment. I also went through a phase of needing to have roast dinners, so had three of those in one day, but that craving went as quickly as it came… I still can’t shake off the need for coffee either. Every time I smell coffee in the air, my nose makes a beeline for where the smell is coming from! I’ve started to plan the nursery now. I took measurements for the room and worked out how much everything would cost – about £200 which is not bad as that includes everything, apart from furniture. I’m definitely going to go with the sky and undersea theme and even bought an undersea mural which is going to look awesome as a border around the room. I found out that there is a birth centre literally right next to my flat and the rooms are amazing! I was sold the moment I walked into the place. I was given a tour of the centre – there are 6 rooms, one with a double bed, and each has a birth pool (which is huge by the way), a toilet, a shower and a bath. Each room even has a TV, candles and radio! I went to my new GP to have a check-up with the midwife at a children’s centre down the road from me. They spotted some nitrate in my urine. They reckon it may be a tampered sample as I am not displaying any symptoms of a urine infection. so they just told me to go home and drink plenty of fluids like water and cranberry juice. I drink about 2 litres of water a day so I’m quite surprised! They also told me that I need to make sure new maternity notes are registered to me before the birth as the birth centre can’t accept another hospital’s notes. Every hospital has their own way of doing things and abbreviate words in their own way, so they reckon it’s safer if I get a new one from the birth centre that I’m giving birth in. I arranged another appointment at 36 weeks where I may have to take my bloods again if my recent blood test results don’t come through by that time. The unit is going to chase for the results and let me know when they receive it. They also told me that my bump is a nice size at 31cm too. I learned that the size of the bump should roughly be the same as the amount of weeks that you are pregnant. It’s a good way to work out where you are in the pregnancy should you ever forget. A fun fact – The baby is about as big as a pineapple!

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