Week 31 of My Pregnancy – I can’t see my feet!

Picked up the keys to our new flat today. Hubby and I are now on the property ladder! We bought a really comfy king-sized bed and an amazing reclining sofa for our new flat this week. Those apart from the changing station and the numerous boxes and bin liners of our stuff from the old flat is all we have at the moment. We need to get a fridge, a washing machine, a dishwasher, and, most importantly, a Moses Basket for the baby and some bedding to go with it. I want to get a Healthcare Set and a Bath Set too so that I feel ready and prepared for labour. I will have to start thinking about getting a hospital bag too, but one step at a time. Everything is getting too expensive as it is! I realised when I was taking a shower, that I can’t see my knees or my feet when I look straight down in front of me. It makes bending down to shave or put on my shoes a real pain. I have invested in a pair of comfortable Uggs, a size larger than normal because my feet keep swelling up. I can’t even begin to consider wearing heels as they’re way too uncomfortable Hubby finds it funny that I waddle around like a penguin now too. I’ve put on a lot of weight which doesn’t help and my hips feel like they’re stretching outwards. I’ve also noticed my hands and fingers swelling up a bit too, so I’ve resorted to wearing my wedding and engagement rings round my neck, attached to my Mexican Bola necklace. I’m not actually having trouble sleeping at the moment. I reckon it’s because of the amount of energy I use up during the day, unpacking boxes and trying to sort out our new flat. We’ve been told that our internet is not going to be connected for another 3 weeks which means I can’t earn for 3 weeks either, doing my transcription work, so I need to find something to do otherwise I’ll just get bored. The only time I wake up to pee is about 5 minutes before hubby has to get up for work at 5.30am, so I’ve become his alarm clock in the morning. It must be because I’m such a heavy sleeper and I can’t feel that my bladder is full or that Boxer is actively moving about in my belly. My left hip hurts from sleeping on my left side at night, though, so that’s the only real issue I have with bedtime at the moment. I try not to sleep on my right side because sleeping on the left improves circulation apparently and also helps to keep the uterus off my liver. A fun fact – the baby weighs about the same as four navel oranges!

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