Week 25 of My Pregnancy – I have a nocturnal baby in my belly!

Our baby is really kicking now and responding to music. He is such an active boy! When I’m working during the day, he moves around to remind me that he’s still in my belly and when I sing to him it feels as if he is dancing to the music – not that he is – but I like to think that he is. Also, this baby is nocturnal! As soon as my head hits the pillow, he is kicking and hacking away at my insides – hubby and I think that he might come out before 9 December. We still can’t agree on names though – we have shortlisted a few names, but every time we ask other family members what they think, they shun the names away, saying that they’re rubbish or they’re too traditional… I think my advice would be to not ask other family members and go by what you want, otherwise you’ll never pick one! Hubby is really stressed out with this flat business at the moment. He keeps calling me during the day, demanding answers to legal questions like, “Which insurance would we need on the mortgage? Can you read this legal charge? Are they right to charge us this much in Solicitor’s fees!?” I wonder if we will complete by 22 September now – it seems to be taking everyone a long time to change names on the legal documents. I am determined to think positively about the whole process though. It’ll all get done in time, I’m sure… I’m still waiting for strong cravings to hit me. I wonder whether this incredibly strong sweet tooth I’ve gained during this pregnancy is a craving or a product of my low energy (even though I am nowhere near as tired as I was in the first trimester.) My bump is growing nicely too. I definitely look pregnant and people are now offering me seats on the bus which is nice.

A fun fact – The baby weighs approximately 1.5 pounds and is about 13.7 inches long! S/he is growing fast

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