Week 24 of My Pregnancy – Does drinking alcohol affect your unborn baby?

I decided to visit my hubby after work and met up with some mates in the pub as I was bored at home. We were standing outside chatting when I saw a heavily pregnant woman drinking a glass of white wine and then someone offered her a pint of beer and she started drinking that too. I grabbed hubby’s arm and pointed to where the woman was standing and he couldn’t believe it. I was always told that drinking whilst pregnant was wrong. These things were advertised on the TV, at the hospital, at the doctors, on the internet and newspapers and most of these sources said the same thing – that drinking effected unborn babies. One of the women I was standing with told me that it was ok to drink the occasional glass of wine as that didn’t cause any problems and you can do everything in moderation, but drinking excessively could affect the baby’s face, organs and brain grow, as well as damaging the baby’s nervous system. Apart from all of that, the smell of alcohol actually makes me feel sick, so I found it really easy to give up drinking because the thought of it would make me feel nauseous. Perhaps it just wasn’t the same for other women… How many units should you have? If any? Does it really effect the baby or is it all hearsay? Personally, if it does show to effect the baby then surely you can give up drink for 9 months…? I read an article a while ago on how a glass of wine doesn’t harm the baby. You can see find the article here A fun fact – The baby is the same size as an ear of corn!

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