Week 16 of My Pregnancy – The morning sickness period is over!

I had a very busy day today, which was great because that meant my energy and appetite were coming back with a vengeance. It couldn’t be better timing as I had my theory test today.
The theory test centre was quite far away from home, so I had to jump onto a really busy and crowded bus and, as I wasn’t really showing that much yet, no one offered me a seat, so I had to stand for 40 minutes. It didn’t really matter because I ended up passing my theory test, WOOHOO! 
I had to run out of the test centre as soon as I had received my results though as I had also scheduled in two job interviews, one after the other, so I had to run to the nearest underground and travel to Central London. It was lunchtime, so many people were scurrying around trying to buy their lunch, and the underground, as always, was crammed. I had ten minutes to eat my lunch, so I ran to the nearest coffee shop and asked the guy behind the counter if any of the sandwiches had mayonnaise in them as I didn’t want to eat anything that may have contained raw egg. He couldn’t tell me, so I ended up wolfing down a cheese and tomato Panini, which tasted like heaven – I was ravenous! It was at that moment that I had realised that my nausea had vanished and in place was a hungry appetite, keen to try anything I could get my hands on.
The two interviews were quick and painless. We chatted a lot about work and pregnancy and when I was thinking about coming back to work after the pregnancy. I hadn’t really thought much about it until now. I had been so swept up in the hormonal and physical changes of the first trimester that I had forgotten about what I wanted to do after the pregnancy! I still felt like I wanted to be a stay-at-home mum, but as I couldn’t say that to the interviewers, I just told them that I wanted to go back to work as soon as I was physically able to. I received a surprise call from my sister-in-law to be (my husband’s, brother’s fiancé). She had travelled down from Spain on a surprise trip to England, which she claimed was an absolute nightmare of a journey. It was a really nice surprise to have her around, so I tried to make my way home as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I had, again, caught the dreaded London rush hour after work, so I had to contend with standing on the tube all the way home.
I booked my ticket to North Cyprus this week. I was so happy that I finally had the chance to go on holiday that I started packing early for the trip. Will I be able to handle the 40 degrees heat whilst being pregnant though?
A fun fact – The baby is about the size of a pear! 
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