Week 15 of My Pregnancy – Time is really flying now

Pregnancy, sleep and backache

1 more week before I hit 4 months into my pregnancy. I can’t believe how time is really flying now! I woke up with a really stuffy nose today and thought I was catching a cold, but then I read some of the articles on the internet about week 15 of the pregnancy and, apparently, that’s normal.

The constipation doesn’t look like it’s getting any better either, even though I feel like I’m eating a lot of fibre… I’m having cereals for breakfast and eating wholemeal bread, so I’m hoping that it will start to make a difference at one point. I went to the shops and bought some Bio Oil as my bump is definitely getting bigger and I may be prone to getting stretch marks. I’ve been told by my friends that bio oil is the best thing to use for stretch marks, so I’m going to give it a go and see what happens. I really like Palmers cocoa butter too and have been using that for my whole body.

The baby is about 10cm now! I measured 10cm against my belly and s/he is still so teeny tiny! I haven’t felt any flutters yet – apparently, it feels like gassy bubbles in your stomach, so looking forward to feeling the kicks and prods from my baby, who apparently is acting like a gymnast this week.

I’m noticing that I seem to get tired and sleepy after I eat. It can’t be my iron levels as my blood tests showed they were normal. I had a salad for lunch today and now I want to sleep for the rest of the afternoon!

My theory test is coming up, so I’ve bought my theory book in at lunch to study, but the food has made me so sleepy that I can’t concentrate on the questions.

My belly has expanded too and that back pain is back… I’m starting to think it’s wind. I’ve obviously eaten too quickly again…

A fun fact – The baby is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand!

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