Week 14 of My Pregnancy – The exhaustion during pregnancy is starting to get to me

Attended a friend’s birthday on Saturday, which involved some “light” lunch and watching England v USA in the world cup, at a really busy pub. I felt really uncomfortable as I wasn’t able to sit in one place for too long, but the place was crammed and the toilets were quite far away. I still had to endure that horrible taste in my mouth after the lunch, so resorted to water for the rest of the night (after drinking one too many pineapple juices). By the end of the match I felt physically and emotionally drained. As I walked home with hubby, I burst into tears. I think it was due to exhaustion and hormones, but I kept thinking, “Is this it for me and my social life now?” I felt like I wasn’t ready to give up my youth just yet and that made me cry even more. On top of that, I had a really bad headache, which I put down to the excessive crying. Hubby reassured me that I was going to be a great mum and that I could enjoy going out properly after the baby was born. I got home and crashed out for about 12 hours. I needed my energy as I had another birthday to go to the next day! Thankfully this was for only a couple of hours. 

Getting up on Monday morning was a nightmare. I couldn’t open my eyes at work all day and walked around like a zombie. I couldn’t believe Saturday night had drained me so much, so I made a mental note to wait until after I’d given birth to try so much again. Getting home was also torturous. Everyone at Green Park tube station were like vipers trying to get onto the same tube. I got pushed back and forth, and at one point, someone accidentally pushed my belly. It wasn’t hard, but I jumped at him and told him to, “Stop standing on top of me. I’m a pregnant lady!” What made it worse was that I was desperate to go to the loo, even though I’d been just before I left work.  A really nice lady heard me and ushered me to the front and made sure no one pushed me, which was really sweet of her. On the way home, I was secretly worried about whether there was any damage as I felt a few cramps afterwards… The next day I asked work if I could change my hours, so I wouldn’t have to deal with that rush hour again. 

I need to start getting some maternity clothes as nothing fits me anymore! After work, I looked around some of the shops to see if anything caught my eye. New Look, Next and H&M have some nice clothes. It’s also getting warmer outside, so I’m looking for some decent maxi dresses that will cover my ever-growing bump. I couldn’t find any dresses that I liked so I found some stretchy black trousers, from New Look for work, which are really comfortable and a couple of loose fitting tops from H&M.  I also stress going to your nearest car boot sale at the weekend too. So much stuff is given away for next to nothing. Me and hubby went a bit nuts the weekend before and bought 2 bags full of baby clothes! 

Hubby is playing squash tonight, so I’ve decided that when I go home, I’m going to sit in front of the sofa, watch Friends and The Simpsons, and stuff my face with hubby’s pre-made fajitas – Yay! I keep getting really hungry, stuffing my face, then paying the price afterwards with that horrible taste in my mouth and a stomach that feels like it’s going to explode. I need to remember to eat small meals and slowly as, before the pregnancy, I used to inhale large quantities of food, so the habit is hard to break. I keep getting back pain in the right-hand side of my back, under my ribs. I can’t work out whether it’s back pain or wind, but if it is back pain, then it might have something to do with the size of my boobs! They have definitely gone up a size now, so I’ll also need to go shopping for bras. This pregnancy lark is expensive! 

A fun fact – The baby is about 8cm long and weighs about 40g!

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