Week 13 of my pregnancy – I finally get to see my baby at scan day!

Week 13 of my pregnancy – I finally get to see my baby at scan day!

Finally scan day had arrived, I was so excited! I couldn’t concentrate on work, or anything for that matter. I was going to meet our baby after 3 months of wondering what s/he looked like.

It was another beautiful hot day, so I asked to leave early to get to my appointment on time. As I got to the hospital I started to get a niggling feeling at the back of my head. What if I’m not pregnant and I don’t actually have a baby in my belly? What if I didn’t take enough folic acid and the baby develops Spina Bifida? What if the baby is deformed? Hubby had to tell me to calm down and told me to concentrate on the positive things as I hadn’t stopped worrying for 13 weeks. He’s right, though, I’m such a worrier sometimes.

When we got to the waiting room, there were so many other pregnant women there. A nurse took us into the scan room and a woman was waiting in the room. We had paid for a DVD and as many photos as we could get, so the Sonographer placed a blank cd in the machine and hit the record button. She placed some warm jelly on my belly and started moving the transceiver around. The screen was blank for a couple of seconds as she tried to find the right place on my belly then, all of a sudden, a little white silhouette of a baby came into view.

Hubby and I stared at the screen dumbfounded. The silhouette looked like a proper baby! The lady was really digging into my belly to find the right place to measure the back of the baby’s neck, who measured at just 6.8cm. S/he looked so peaceful in there, just resting away and probably enjoying a good sleep. The lady prodded at my belly some more to show us the spine, brain, heartbeat and all the limbs. Everything looked perfect. The baby had woken up now and was jabbing away at my uterus. From that moment on, hubby and I decided to call the little one, ‘Boxer’. We were both sure it was a boy too. It was such an emotional moment for us as we finally got to see Boxer. Finally, the lady told me she was going to check the uterine artery blood flow to our baby. When she was finished she took some still pictures of Boxer before she handed the cd back to us. We were brimming with pride! We finally got to meet Boxer. 

The blood test results had come back and I was measured as 1 in 15000 for Down’s Syndrome, and 1 in 25000 for heart defects which were low risk. I was so happy as I was really dreading having that amniocentesis, where they stick a needle in my bump. Phew! I think I saw hubby shed a few tears before we left the hospital too and that caused me to want to well up, but I pulled it together and we left the hospital, clutching pictures of our unborn Boxer.

Hubby and I had a picnic in the park and talked about how we were going to raise the baby. We decided that we were going to save up as much as we could for a deposit on a house. We figured that a car would be really useful too, as we would need to transport the baby round to certain places. That night, I couldn’t stop staring at pictures of Boxer. This was our baby! I never thought I could feel so much love for someone who hadn’t been born yet.

A fun fact – Your baby is now about 6.7cm long from crown to rump and weighs nearly 23 grams.

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