Week 11 of My Pregnancy – Feeling the nasty nausea

nausea I have resorted to buying ginger ale (which I’ve never drunk before, but tastes really nice) and placing ginger biscuits by my bedside, so as soon as I get up I can shove a couple of biscuits into my mouth in an attempt to curb the nausea. I wake up in the morning with a sick feeling in my stomach like I’m going to throw up, but I don’t actually throw up. Mind you, I don’t know what’s worse – feeling nauseous and not throwing up or actually throwing up! Perhaps I should be thankful I am not spewing everywhere and I feel I owe that to the ginger biscuits right now – they really are great! A couple of my friends told me that they knew of people who suffered morning sickness for the entire 9 months. What a way to make me feel better! I don’t think I could bear nausea for that long, so I’m erring on the side of positivity and hoping that the nausea fades in 9 weeks and not in 9 months! Ginger biscuits are especially great when I take the tube in the mornings and brave the million different “scents” of other people on the tube. Once I sat next to a guy who had the worst body odour (heightened by the fact that I now have a supersonic sense of smell) so I shoved a whole packet of ginger biscuits in my mouth before I even got to work to stop myself from throwing up. If I didn’t I probably would have heaved for the first time during the pregnancy… I find Peppermint tea quite soothing on the stomach after every meal, so I have bought a couple of packets.That and water are all I am drinking at the moment. I am steering clear of fizzy drinks because they just give me a stitch-like pain in my back and make me feel very bloated. I’ve also been subjected to tons of advice from other women like, “Don’t drink and eat at the same time!” and “Don’t each too much food because it’ll give you bad indigestion!” I’m trying to pick up the good advice and forget about the rest. I find it easier to just smile and say, “That’s great advice, thanks” rather than try and follow everything, otherwise it’s all a bit too overwhelming. Oh and one other thing. I WANT COFFEE!!! Work has this awesome coffee machine that makes amazing coffees and the aroma is so enticing. BUT, I refuse to give in. I’ve requested some decaffeinated coffee pods, so at least I can satisfy the craving a little. I knew giving up coffee was going to be difficult, so I just need to get through this pregnancy. Plus, I’m telling myself that coffee will affect the baby, so it helps me to stop. I did conveniently forget that caffeine is also in hot chocolate drinks, chocolate and some nuts, so it looks as if I do have a caffeine intake already. I hope I haven’t had enough to affect the baby’s heart rate… We’ll see… Another positive is that I’m not crazy tired anymore. I’m not sleeping 15 hours a day now, so I can feel my energy slowly coming back. I can get up in the morning without feeling too dead and can brave the tube in the mornings, but I still feel like I’m on some kind of sleep inducing drug. I may not be sleeping all day and night, but I’m sure that if I was allowed to, it wouldn’t be so hard to do… A fun fact – The baby is about the size of a large lime!

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