Week 10 of My Pregnancy – Appointment letters have come through the post!

Week 10 of My Pregnancy – Appointment letters have come through the post!

Week 9 - My Pregnancy Journey - Image by Charlotte Watkins

I received a letter in the post with dates for my blood tests (12 weeks), translucency scan and midwife booking (13 weeks). I read the enclosed booklet that came with the letters, and was amazed at how many conditions they were going to be testing me for. I sat down with my husband and went through all the different conditions I or the baby could be tested for and I think I scared myself a bit that night as I dreamt about having a deformed baby. This is what I will be tested for:

  1. Blood group
  2. Whether I am Rhesus      positive or negative

I have a choice to be screened for:

  1. Haemoglobin levels
  1. Abnormalities of the red blood cells (Sickle cell disease or Thalassemia)
  2. Immunity      to German measles (Rubella)
  1. Syphilis or Hepatitis B
  2. HIV and AIDS

The booklet stated that if I was concerned about certain conditions I could also be tested for toxoplasmosis and Hepatitis C. I should also be expected to be offered a screen blood test for Down’s syndrome at some point in the first trimester, to tell me what my risk is of carrying a baby with abnormalities. As I was talking these tests through with hubby, I still couldn’t really believe I was pregnant. Only mine and hubby’s family knew I was pregnant, so having to act normal with my friends was really difficult. I was starting to feel a little more human, albeit still finding it difficult to stay awake or go anywhere near strong smells, but I definitely wanted to tell my friends I was pregnant. I planned to be really good and cut out caffeine and fizzy stuff. I couldn’t really drink fizzy drinks anyway because it gave me painful wind and I got very bloated and uncomfortable. I also wanted to aim to have my 5-a day and eat lots of carbs and proteins so our little baby could grow up to be a strong boy/girl A fun fact – Your baby is now swallowing and kicking!

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