Ways you can save money on flight tickets for your next family holiday

3 ways on how you can save money on your flight tickets this year - motherhooddiaries
Ways you can save money on flight tickets for your next family holiday
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The next big seasonal holiday is coming up over the Christmas period and flight tickets can grow sky-high in the space of just a short few weeks, especially when you are forking out for a whole family. Momondo, a free and inspirational global travel search site that compares millions of cheap flights, hotels, and car hire deals, brings out a study every year that aggregates data from billions of flights to give you the best ways to save money. It is worth looking at the results of their Annual Flight Study, but here is a rundown of what Momondo found, based on 13 billion fares across the top 100 routes.

Best time to book your ticket is…

… If you book 56 days in advance, which will save you around 28% on your ticket. The worst day to book is on the day you plan to fly, where prices can sometimes triple in value. To stay on top of price fares, create a ‘Fare Alert’ with Momondo so you can receive notifications of up to twice a week about any noticeable changes in price. This way you do not miss out on the best deals again.

The best day to fly is…

On a Tuesday.

Tuesday is the day you can get the best airfare deals, saving you around 11% on your ticket fee, while Saturday is the worst day to fly. Also, flying on a Tuesday means that when you get back you only endure 3 days of work before it is the weekend again.

The best time to fly is…

In the evening.

After sunset to sunrise is the best time to fly. What time you arrive obviously depends on where you are heading to, but travelling overnight can also help with tired kids and get them to sleep during the journey which is a bonus.

Other budget-friendly tips for saving money on your flights

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  • Search for flights everywhere on the net, so you can be sure to get the best bang for your buck. Expedia offers access to the very best deals available when you need to travel and they have partnered with Groupon Coupons, so you can save even more money
  • Flying indirect may seem a little more cumbersome and time-consuming, but it does shave pounds off your overall flight tickets
  • Travel out of season. Travelling off-peak means you will find better bargains and beautiful countries with their long seasonal weather, so you do not have to miss the summer sun or the winter snow just because you’re not travelling during Christmas or the summer season.
  • Find small airports that offer cheaper fares. Even though there may be an airport right next to you, travelling to an airport further away might help to slice those flight fees.
  • Bring your own food on board. Flight food is expensive and a luxury that you do not need to include with your fare tickets. Preparing snacks for the plane can ensure you know what the family is eating and you can make it as healthy or as ‘naughty’ as you want. I would not recommend the latter unless you want sugar-crazed children running up and down the aisles of the plane…

For more great ways to save money on your flight tickets, visit Momondo’s website here.

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