Was that it? Feeling a kick… maybe.

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Was that it? Feeling a kick… maybe.
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I am currently just over 20 weeks along and scarily in the halfway point of this pregnancy journey! The main experience I have been waiting for is the allusive kick. Described as a bubble popping, or a light tap, these descriptions often feel massively inadequate, especially for those of us feeling it for the first time. The first movements are called quickening which is just as descriptive and should happen between 16 and 25 weeks, although first pregnancies may feel it much closer to the 25th and if this is your second, third or nth pregnancy you may even feel them as early as 13 weeks.

How are you supposed to tell between feeling your own heartbeat as you accidentally hold your breathe trying to focus? How can you celebrate and get excited for something that could be unfortunate gas bubbles after a sneaky takeaway? Should I just be waiting until that almighty thump which can only be a sleepy foot or fist at a later date? Sadly the only feelings I’m really noticing are the stretching and growing pains that come with my internal structure being pushed around, and that’s hardly something you get excited about.

I also feel sorry for the partners and/or supporting person in our lives who, yet again, has to sit idly by because if you can mistake it for gas they are hardly going to be able to perceive the dance moves going on inside. The general advice is to be patient, and if you doubt it (for example what I felt whilst writing this could be hunger as much as anything) then that’s OK – it’ll get stronger. If this is getting difficult, then try to give yourself some time after you’ve eaten, lie flat on your bed with legs bent over the edge, breathe deeply and relax. Placing your hands on your growing bump may give you a glimpse of those first few flutters, if not then know that you’re not alone and in time you’ll be wishing they chilled out so you could sleep easier! By third semester your baby will likely be moving around 30 times per hour. Then you’ll have hands on your belly far more than you’ll ever have asked for it and be talking about it excitedly with every guest through your door.

What’s ironic is I have felt more possible bubbles/kicks in this writing session than every day combined so far – maybe bump is just as frustrated as I am!

When did you start feeling those first few flutters?

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