Walkers Mighty Lights Review

Walkers Mighty Lights

Ode to a crisp…

Once upon a time, in a small town in London,

Two young boys were playing games at home, having fun.

They called to their mummy, ‘We’re hungry!’ they cried.

“So, what would you like to eat?” Mummy replied.

“How about a snack to eat before our tea?

Something easy to eat, like crisps, have you any?

We don’t want much to eat, just make something quick.”

Mummy said, “There is something that won’t make you sick”

She pulled out two packets of crisps coloured blue,

And asked, “Would Cheese and Onion do for you two?”

The boys did look intrigued, “What is this?” they asked?

“These are Walkers Mighty Lights, you’ll eat them quite fast.”

Mummy smiled and pulled out a crisp real slow.

“Tasty, ridged crisps made from real potato.”

“We like potatoes,” they said, and they took a big bite.

Crunch went the sound as they looked up and smiled.

Walkers Mighty Lights - Cheese and Onion

“We want more,” they yelled, “Do you have any more?”

“In different flavours? Why yes, there’s two more.

I love the Roast Chicken, but Lightly Salted you’ll adore.”

The boys looked confused and a little unsure.

So Mummy fed one from the brown pack and some from the red.

Walkers Mighty Lights - Ready Salted and Roast Chicken

The boys pointed to the Lightly Salted, “We want these instead!”

And mummy smiled to herself and whispered, “No additives…

… and it’s 30% less fat, and contains no preservatives.”

She had found the healthy snack that complimented their dinners,

And that actually satisfied these fussy little eaters.

Walkers Mighty Lights - Ready Salted

Her eldest boy wasn’t a big lover of meat,

With a sensitive nose, there was no way to cheat.

But these crisps are suitable for vegetarians

A good source of fibre, a mother’s choice, no question.

To eat as a light snack or throughout the day.

Whilst out and about or when the boys play,

Perfect for little kids’ healthy lunch-boxes,

And, a tasty little treat for munchers of all ages.

When her boys are peckish and crawling for sweets,

Mummy has now stocked up on multi-packs of these treats.

Her favourite, the Roast Chicken, is delicious and crunchy,

Thick, and intense, but not too strong or greasy,

The boys’ favourite, the Lightly Salted, is quite nice and light.

Not too powerful or salty when they take a big bite.

For adults everywhere, it’s only 114 Calories a packet!

So guilt free and the perfect alternative to the biscuit.

And, because they are free from artificial colours and MSG,

They’ll be the perfect addition to kids’ lunch-boxes, you’ll see!



(Leyla = Mummy

The boys = Aron, 2 ½ years old and Aidan, 17 months old)

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