The Unwritten Rules for Dressing Little Girls

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When it comes to dressing little girls*, it’s safe to say that you are spoilt for choice; but before you max out your credit cards on every adorable pink and sparkly item that you can get your hands on, check out these unwritten rules of dressing the little diva in your life.

Nurture her budding fashionista

If you’re a lover of designer labels yourself, why not share your passion with your little girl? With collections from great brands such as Kenzo and Moschino paving the way for independent labels, girls’ designer clothes have never been more diverse. If you’re unsure about investing in clothing your child will soon grow out of, then consider choosing pieces with gender-neutral colours or designs. This way you can pass them on to future little ones in the family!

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Let her be the stylist

Giving your little girl room to choose some of her own clothes is a fantastic way of letting her start to express her personality and embrace her individuality. You may start by dressing your little girl up in a baby dress and she’ll end up wearing a tutu over jeans, or a crown with pyjamas as she gets older, but it’ll certainly make for some cute photos to dig out on her 18th birthday.

Dress for her personality

Girls may be made of sugar, spice and all things nice, but that doesn’t mean they all should dress the same. There are so many options out there when it comes to girls’ clothing, and they’re not all as pink and girly as you may think. Children’s clothing comes in a range of styles, patterns and colours, giving you room to dress your little girl according to her personality. If she has a bold personality and is always full of energy, perhaps dress her in bold prints or bright colours, or if she has a more mischievous persona, maybe try a t-shirt with a slogan to match.

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Consider practicality

Though it’s easy to get caught up in how an outfit looks, you can’t forget to consider how practical it’s going to be. For example; a white, silk dress and sandals during a trip to the park, or a little budding artist in expensive designer clothes, is just a recipe for a disaster. Dress your girl in accordance with what activities you know she’ll be up to while wearing the clothing for less chance of muddy, paint covered garments.

Remember the finishing touch

There are lots of ways that you can make your little girl’s ensemble even more adorable with the addition of hats, headbands or cool patterned tights – plus, by adding accessories you can give her a bit of freedom to create her own look, without ending up with an outfit that resembles a dressing up box! From baby girl dresses to polka-dot onesies, let your little girl get imaginative and creative through her fashion sense and you might find yourself with the Donatella Versace of the future!

*Not all little girls like pink and sparkly. I was a tomboy when I was growing up so I’m merely generalising some of the points in this post. I also believe that kids should be gender equal and go for whatever colour and style they want. My boys drink from pink cups and like ‘girly’ colours (as they like to call them).

The Unwritten Rules for Dressing Little Girls

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