Top Tips for Stocking up a Dressing up Box Affordably

Top Tips for Stocking up a Dressing up Box, Affordably - motherhooddiaries

Kids love to dress up, that’s almost guaranteed. It doesn’t matter how old they are, they will always be happy to dress as someone else and use their imaginations to think up some far-out, fantasy scenarios. Allowing kids to dress up and become superheroes or magical princesses actually come with serious benefits to their development. Not only does dressing up spark imagination and creativity but it develops a child’s confidence, communication skills and cognitive abilities, so encouraging them to dress up when they have some spare time is a fun and educational process. You can either let them run through your wardrobe, wear your heels and wrap silk scarves around their head, but having their own dressing up box of all sorts of attire will open up a whole new world of pretend play.

Stocking up a dress-up box can get quite expensive, though. By heading to the Disney Store, you can say goodbye to £40 and you’ll only have one costume to show for it. However, if you’re a little savvy, you can find some great value outfits and accessories that your little one will be elated with, and they won’t care at how much you didn’t spend. Here are some great tips that will help you to fill their dressing up chests with fabulous outfits, without breaking the bank.

Shop in the Supermarkets

While the ‘official’ Disney Store may be an expensive option, there are plenty of alternative options available through supermarkets that are just as good. The range of George fancy dress, for example, is extensive and provides dressing up costumes for kids who love their Marvel superheroes and Disney princesses. With fancy dress available from £12.50, your purse will thank you for the switch to the supermarket clothesline!

Shop Second Hand

Anyone that has used eBay will know that you can grab some great deals, especially if you have an eye for a bargain. You can find some fantastic fancy dress options on there that cost next to nothing and you can get them for even cheaper if you know how to work it. Watch items until the last minute, and enter the maximum that you’re willing to pay. By waiting until the last minute, you will have more chance to win and, if you enter your maximum, you won’t be too disheartened if someone outbids you in the last few seconds.

Similarly, keep an eye out for anything that’s being sold on social network sites such as Facebook. People sell things that their children have outgrown, that are in near perfect condition. Nearly new sales at your children’s school can also prove fruitful.

Avoid ‘Ready-Made’ Costumes

While it’s wonderful to have a few fancy dress costumes in their box for them, you don’t have to confine yourself to just princesses, superheroes and animals. Stuff their dressing up chests with random accessories – hats, belts, feather boas, scarves and costume jewellery – and let their imaginations run wild! If you don’t have anything in your closet that you can ‘donate’, head for the charity shops, which are veritable treasure troves of items that other people don’t have a use for anymore. Add lots of goodies to their dressing up box and watch as their minds take them to fantasy worlds that you never knew existed!

Imagination is a fine thing and children know how to tap into their creativity perfectly. Like good old Albert Einstein said:

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”

Top Tips for Stocking up a Dressing up Box Affordably #imagination #dressing up #superhero #costumes #kidsfun - motherhooddiaries.com

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