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Top tips for saving money as a parent - motherhooddiaries

When kids come into the picture, money seems to slip through the hole in your financial pocket faster than you can say current bank account. Bills are aplenty, childcare costs are ridiculous, and unforeseen expenses fly out of your account before you find out what it was that you paid for (something to do for the kids probably.) So, it’s easy to feel frustrated when you find it difficult to save more money than you spend. But, simple things like finding out what benefits you can claim for and where you can cut costs and make savings can help to hold on to some of your money in the long run. Plus, you may find that you can save up for that milestone you’ve always wanted to reach, like a forever home, a car or a lovely holiday for the family. Below are some quick top money saving tips for parents which really work and that should be able to help you make a few noticeable savings. Try them out this month and let me know if they work for you:

Use Coupons

Vouchers, coupons and discount codes like dealsqueen or dealsdaddy really do make a difference when saving money on your shopping, so it’s important to take the time to look online for fresh codes or coupons in magazines or newspapers before you set off on your shop. Any savings you make will add up over time, whether it’s a few pennies on the petrol bill or a £5 voucher off your next big shop. Get in the habit of keeping an eye out for special offers and deals too and bulk buy wherever possible, in order to make savings. 

Supermarket Shop Online

One of the best ways to save money, especially when you are a busy parent, is to head online to do your supermarket shop. By shopping online, you can see the total of your purchases in front of you and you’ll be less reluctant to add bits and bobs that you don’t really need to your basket, which can often result in a nasty surprise at the tills. By shopping online you’ll stay away from those unnecessary buys and offers that lure you in. And if you shop with a comparison site like mySupermarket, you can make even more savings because mySupermarket offers you the cheapest possible price for each item and you can take the time to compare the different prices of products before adding them to your basket.

Use an Affordable Courier

If you spend a lot of money on posting parcels to family and friends, using an affordable courier like TNT can be really useful. As a reliable and trusted courier with a great reputation, you can send everything from fragile items to bulk parcels of old baby clothes and heavy parcels both domestically and internationally and with great delivery times and a service that you can depend on.

Buy a Timeshare 

Holidays are precious ways to build great memories with the family, but they can also be expensive ways to have fun. There are, however, loopholes in enjoying a regular holiday once or twice a year without breaking the bank every time. Timeshares are essentially holiday time where you can share ownership with other holidaymakers in a resort or holiday accommodation. When you buy a timeshare you purchase the use of that time in the accommodation, along with other owners, which means you are able to vacation in more luxurious accommodation for a fraction of the cost. Think of it as owning a holiday home, but only paying for your time when you actually occupy it on holiday. 

Find Out Exactly What You’re Entitled To

Working out which family benefits that you’re entitled too can become quite confusing. With recent changes to child benefit and so many other articles in the news flying around stating conflicting facts and figures, it’s easy to see why parents can feel overwhelmed. An effortless way to check exactly how much you’re entitled to is to visit the direct.gov website and research what you are entitled to in terms of maternity pay, child tax credits and child benefit.

Although these tips won’t make you a millionaire tomorrow, they should help you to make considerable savings, especially over a longer period, so if you stick to it you will soon start to see the pounds adding up. You never know, you might be able to treat yourself to a little something special in a few months time, as a reward for being such a savvy parent and selflessly doing so much for your family.

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