Top 6 things to do with the kids this half term

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For some families, it means squeezing in a quick sunny holiday abroad, and for others, it’s about taking a well-earned rest from the culture shock of school. Whichever way your family prefers to spend the one-week break, make this half-term a holiday to remember and inject some mojo back into the kids’ school spirit for the second half term. Here are Motherhood Diaries’ top 6 things to do with the kids this half term.

Visit the extended family

It’s not easy to catch up with the extended family during the school week. By the time you’ve come home from school pick up, it’s dinner time and then bedtime. So, use the one week break to catch up on visiting the grandparents or host some family get-togethers. If your extended family are abroad, then perhaps a week away (if the bank can stretch a mini holiday) will break up the normal routine and provide a positive boost all-around for those involved.

Get creative, start a project

This could be starting that 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle you’ve been meaning to get out of the attic for a few months now, or grabbing a large blank canvas and creating a family painting. Projects are a great way to start the holiday, paired with clear goals for the kids and a lot of team building fun.

Go modern camping in Europe

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A great way to spend kids half term with the family is to go on holiday together. The perfect go-to choice for this would be to choose a modern camping specialist provider which provides an array of options, such as self-catering mobile home holidays with style, quality and comfort. This is glamping at its best as you don’t need to pitch up a tent. These days, you can find places which provide every essential you need, like a home away from home in essence. You will have electricity and running water! AS the weather is starting to get cooler as we approach the end of the year, why not pick a warm spot? Costa Brava Holidays are perfect this time of year!

Cram in an Experience Day

Experience days are ideal for gaining the courage to do something different while involving the whole family in the adventure. You have lots of experiences to choose from online, like selecting a Kids Action Day and allowing the children to go crazy for the day. There are lots of ideas to choose from, and it could be just the kick you need to make it a memorable half term holiday.

Venture outdoors and explore your area -
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A busy half-term doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. If you’re a Google whizz, you can find great deals online. You could be adventurous and explore your local parks, which, for the most part, should be free. You could afford to do something different every day during the 7-day break. Check out and for more ideas.

Go to the cinema with the kids

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These days you have the option of being able to go to a baby cinema, which is specially altered to be ideal for young babies and parents. Alternatively, you could just visit a more grown-up cinema with your older children. But, luckily, there are tons of offers on at children’s cinemas at the moment, where adults can relive their inner child and enjoy a great movie with the kids. Odeon Kids offer tickets for £3.25 every morning, Vue’s ‘Kids AM’ offer tickets as low as £2.49 for selected movies every morning during the holidays and Cineworld’s ‘Movies for Junior’s’ offer cheap cinema tickets for kids from £2.50. If you are a My Cineworld member, it’s even cheaper at £1.35.

Half-term doesn’t mean shutting down and staying at home. It could also mean rejuvenating in so many different unique ways that the whole family can enjoy and remember for years to come. Do you have any ideas on how you are planning to spend kids half term? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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