Top 5 minute breathers for busy stay-at-home mums

Top 5 minute breathers for busy stay-at-home mums

We stay-at-home mums struggle to get five minutes spare to something other than cook, clean and look after our children’s needs. We are top class multi-taskers, but sometimes we need some downtime to stay balanced and sane. How do we do that? Well, we need to find at least five minutes during the day where we can just switch off. As a busy mum of two boys aged six and seven, I’ve had to come up with some failsafe ways to keep me ticking along. Here are my top five breathers that you can grab from pretty much any time of the day. (Your methods of relaxation may differ slightly, but these are my tried and tested techniques that can work for working mums too.)

Do absolutely nothing

Do absolutely nothing? How is that possible when you have kids hanging from every limb on your body? When they’re asleep, just leave the toys on the floor, take a seat on the couch and put your feet up. Close your eyes and banish all thoughts from your mind. Five minutes is enough to lower the blood pressure and unwind after the day’s busy events. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself doing nothing for twenty minutes instead.

Train your brain

Ok, so this is actually the opposite of doing nothing, but a strong and stimulated mind is fundamental for any mother with numerous tasks that needsd to be done right first time. Keeping the mind alive helps you stay focused and attentive when looking after your child. There are tons of great apps on smartphones, desktops and tablets that are designed to train and test your cognitive skills and achieve optimum brain fitness, so, if you have an app-worthy device, then take five minutes to download one and test those skills!

Online games

I love online games because they’re so easy to download/stream and they can provide that little bit of respite when you just want to do something meaningless, but fun. In the UK, online games, especially casino games, have been growing steadily, particularly among mums who want to enjoy a few moments to themselves whilst also playing for a bit of cash. The best bonus sites should carry a license, so if you want to play live, check that the website is clearly marked as licensed. Games like hidden object adventures and solitaire also remain some of the firm favourites with mums right now. But, my all-time favourite game right now is The Secret Society Hidden Object game. I am hooked!

Speak to an adult about anything unrelated to kids.

We sometimes feel that because we speak to children all day, our brain cells are slowly dying on us. I’ve been guilty of not being able to switch off the baby talk when an adult comes and speaks to me. And, constantly repeating, “No, don’t do that,” or “Put that back!” can put a drain on your brain. So, call up a dear friend or family member and just spout meaningless nonsense at them about nothing in particular that has nothing to do with your children. Or, ask them how they are and just listen. You’ll be surprised at how talking about something that is not related to your day can supercharge you into picking yourself up in the morning and grabbing that routine with bare hands and really having a go at the day’s events. Plus, you may realise that some other people’s lives can be more mundane or difficult and you will go to bed feeling lucky that you get to wake up in the morning and see your beautiful children’s smiles every day.

Get your mojo back!

Stay-at-home mums are guilty of forgetting their worth, not looking after their health and fitness and, more often than not, having no energy to bother with their appearance. Yes, I am guilty of this too, only taking exercise seriously three and a half years after giving birth to my second baby, and bothering to put a little bit of makeup on when I go out with the kids.

Get that mojo back! Do you remember what you were like before you had kids? Do you remember how it felt to dress up? Do a mini private fashion show just for yourself or for that lucky partner and just be silly. When the kids are in bed, get out all your makeup and simply experiment. Do up your hair and take lots of pictures. Then when you’re feeling down and troubled, or simply drained, take out those pictures and remember what it felt like to be a real person and not just a mum.

So, there you have it. My Top 5 techniques that I have tried and tested and, yes, they do work as great breathers during the day.

Take time for yourself and reflect on how hard you work. We are proud mums and we deserve our rest!

Do you have any tips on how to rest from your daily chores? Please send in your comments below.

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