Top 3 great things I want to do with the family this year

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Top 3 great things I want to do with the family this year
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Holidays with the family are always fun-packed and full of adventure. Either the three boys (including hubby) and I jet off to the beautiful Mediterranean island of North Cyprus for the sun, sea and sand-style summer holiday with my side of the family, or we ski it up at the breath-taking and truly stunning Alps of Switzerland with hubby’s side of the family. And, I hope these awesome memories just keep on coming. Apart from experiencing a fantastic Family Fun Package overnight stay at The Arch London hotel just last weekend (post will be up soon), there are some experiences I would absolutely love to do with the family. Here are my top 3:

Take my family on a luxurious, once-in-a-lifetime, holiday to experience stuff that only dreams are made of

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I am not talking about North Cyprus, Switzerland or even anywhere in Europe (although they are very beautiful places to visit on holiday). I mean, heading over to the Caribbean and experiencing the ultimate paradigm of crystal clear waters and life as it should be. And, if money was not an issue, I would book an all-inclusive package to the best places to stay in Turks and Caicos Villas, where we could enjoy a large villa with a beachfront, pool, mini bar for the adults, and top class amenities that come with a 24-hour concierge. We wouldn’t have to leave the villa for a few days, we would just chill and lap up the beauty of the Caribbean climes.

Book out a luxury family package at a hotel – with spa included

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Last weekend we stayed overnight at The Arch London hotel, where kids were treated like VIP, as part of the new Family Fun Package the hotel is now offering for families. We had a brilliant time (watch out for a post on our experience coming very soon), but there was just one small activity missing – the spa! The kids got to enjoy all the amenities the hotel had to offer and I did manage to hit the gym early on in the morning. But, it would have been nice to relax afterwards at a sauna/steam room and sink into a massage while the kids are living it up at a soft play area or crèche nearby. This package is next on the agenda!

An action-packed family adventure weekend with the whole family

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Contrast lounging about at a hotel and spa and bring on the none stop high quality, high energy activity weekend that gets us out and about and getting the most of each day with the family. I’d aim to block off a 2 or 3-night weekend and pack in at least 4 different sport/nature activities with the whole family before heading off home with the feeling of accomplishment and, possibly, exhaustion. The memories we could gain from sharing these unique activities together as a family, like raft building, fencing and quad biking would be magical, to say the least!

What are your top activities to do with the family? Please share in the comments below.

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