Top 10 Maternity Must-Haves from Asda George for Stylish Pregnant Mums.

Top 10 Maternity Must-Haves from George, Asda for Stylish Pregnant Mums.

We mums are living in a fast-evolving world of maternity fashion, where more stores in the UK are recognising that it matters that pregnant women retain style during pregnancy. 

Thirty plus years ago it was all about covering the bump with baggy slacks and frumpy tops. When I spoke to my mum about maternity fashion when she was younger, she told me that she had to make do with baggy shirts, often borrowed from dad, and elasticated flare trousers that were comfortable to wear, but did nothing for her figure, making her look like she’d eaten too many pies. Mum is a keen follower of fashion as well, so not being able to showcase her bump in the way that she wanted to made her feel depressed, which left her with low self-esteem. Had she been pregnant during our time, she would have made full use of the very lovely maternity clothes that are available to buy right now.

New Look and Mothercare stock some great maternity clothes for women who still want to look smart and elegant, but many more superstores, like Asda’s George, have now jumped on the bandwagon and given the big branded labels a run for their money, proving that style doesn’t necessarily have to mean parting with big wads of cash.

I’m a big fan of George’s kids’ clothing and their maternity selection is equally as impressive too! So, mums, I have decided to create a Top 10 wish list for pregnant ladies who want to shop for stylish maternity clothes, yet hang on to the purse strings a little because, let’s face it, those purse strings will be forever loose once the baby comes along.

1. Comfortable trousers can look glam too

Maternity Over Bump Tapered Trousers - Black

Black maternity trousers have been a staple favourite for many years because of its sheer versatility and usability.  You can pair black trousers with absolutely anything on top, so it’s well worth having a token pair of black trousers like the Maternity Over Bump Tapered Black Trousers in your arsenal. 

2. Opt for long skirts

Maternity Over Bump Skirt

Venture out of the comfort zone and go for a skirt during pregnancy. Skirts can instantly make an outfit look smart and elegant. George sells this stylish Maternity Over Bump Tube Skirt that, not only looks comfortable and protects the bump, but the skirt looks warm enough to keep those legs covered nicely when the temperature starts to plummet.

3. Going out somewhere nice? You don’t have to wear black

Red Maternity Lace Dress

Summer barbecues are on their way, and if you are attending an informal event and you are not sure what to wear, then I’ve found a versatile and rather glam Maternity Lace Dress in Red that looks great with a pregnant bump. Accessorise with some bling jewellery and you can even wear the dress on nights out (if you have the energy!) George also sell a black version of the Maternity Lace Sequin Dress, which looks equally as elegant.


Shop at Asda George

4. If you do want to wear black

Black Sequin lace dress

George sells a very flattering Maternity Lace Sequin Dress for that little black dress occasion. And, we all know that black is very flattering, so you can feel comforted knowing that tight dresses can still make you look slender and gorgeous during pregnancy.

5. Leggings can still look great with anything


Leggings are a favourite for pregnant mums because they are so versatile and they go with absolutely anything on top. I lived in my leggings, often opting to change it up a bit with shirts, vest tops and off-the-shoulder blouses. George sells Black Full Length Maternity Leggings in packs of 2, so you can afford to stock up on these pregnancy essentials.

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6. You can’t go wrong with vest tops

Maternity Bow Back Vest Top

Vest tops can be worn on their own in the summer or layered up with shirts, cardigans or jackets when the weather is unpredictable. The Maternity Bow Back Vest Top is a bit of a new spin on vest tops because of the really cute bow you can tie on the back. Plus, if you’re not up for showing off your bump, then this camisole style vest top, hides the first/ second-trimester pot belly quite well! 

7. Florals look great during pregnancy

Maternity Nursing Floral Top

Floral prints epitomise elegance and beauty and George have got it just right with the Maternity Nursing Floral Top. The material glides over the bump, making it comfortable and loose in warmer climates. This top is perfect for the spring weather but can be worn with a lovely jacket to accommodate the coming autumn months.


Shop at Asda George

8. Maternity bras don’t have to be boring

Strappy Lace Trim Comfort Bra

Maternity bras are great because they are so comfortable during pregnancy and they can be worn after the birth too. George sells a whole range of Maternity Bras, but the Strappy Lace Comfort Trim Bra is my favourite from the range.

(N.B – From experience, I would advise you not to buy bras in bulk during pregnancy as the size of your breasts vary drastically from the beginning of your pregnancy to the end. If you are able to, get a professional to measure your bra size during the first trimester, the third trimester and post-birth, so that you are wearing the right bra size for you, in order to maximise ease and comfort. )

9. Gingham is all the rage right now

Maternity Gingham Embroidered Shirt

I love Gingham style tops because they are so trendy and they can brighten up your outfit to no end. I love this Maternity Gingham Embroidered Shirt because the dress just looks so comfortable and the stripes just look too cool for school!

10. Tights can complement a dress, keep you warm and dress up an outfit

20 Denier Maternity Cooling Tights


Maternity tights are great because they hold everything in (including those wobbly bits on the thighs) and cooling tights can keep you cool and comfy, especially with the warm weather on its way. Not only that, they can be worn with any maternity dress, so they are versatile. I cannot advocate maternity tights enough because they are so cheap and if you ladder them, just buy another! George sells 20 Denier Maternity  Cooling Tights, so stock up now.

It was very easy to pick my Top 10 maternity favourites from Asda’s George range because there’s such a great variety to choose from. Visit George’s online Maternity store now and start stocking up on your wardrobe to become a more stylish and pregnant you. You deserve it!

Have you spotted some great maternity essentials? Please share by leaving a comment below.

Top 10 Maternity Must-Haves from Asda George for Stylish Pregnant Mums.

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