Tips for getting your child to sleep in their own bed

Tips for getting your child to sleep in their own bed - motherhooddiaries

Parenthood, as amazing as it is, often comes paired with sleepless nights, exhaustion and a general lack of personal space! It’s optimistic to think that your child will spend every night in their own bed, especially when your big king size bed is so cosy and inviting. The good news is that with a bit of planning, patience and likely some tears and tantrums, you can teach your child to stay in their own bed. Check out these tips on how to make the process a bit easier and take back the spacious, uninterrupted night’s sleep you’ve been missing!

Plan for the night time

Coaxing your little one into sleeping in their own bed isn’t going to be easy, so make sure you think of a plan to help the process go more smoothly. Begin by encouraging your child to spend more time in their bedroom during the day to get them used to the area. You should also try and bring up the topic of bedtime as much as you can, enforcing the idea that kids and parents sleep in separate beds. Normalising the idea in this way can cause your child to see their own bed as less of a threat, and leave them with the right frame of mind.

Plan your night by creating a bedtime ritual, and stick to it. Bath time followed by a good bedtime story whilst your child is tucked up in their bed is the best way to get them ready for a peaceful night’s sleep. There are lots of books that have been written with the aim of preparing children for sleeping alone, so it’s a
good idea to look for the perfect story to make the transition easier.

Make them comfortable

Tips for getting your child to sleep in their own bed - make them comfortable - motherhooddiaries

Making your child’s bed as appealing as possible is key, which is why, if you haven’t already, you should invest in a cosy, high-quality frame and mattress. To try and mimic your own bed, think about going for a small double divan bed with mattress and headboard for a grown-up feel that’s still cosy and child-sized.

Discuss the issue with your child to try and find out what it is that’s making them so reluctant to sleep alone. Doing so could help you think of ways you can ease the transition, such as the introduction of a night light or some soft bedtime music to encourage them to them drift off.

If your little one’s still having a tough time adjusting, consider taking a fold-up bed into their room for a few nights and sleeping on the floor. While this might seem like a step backwards, it could help make them feel more comfortable in their own bed. Gradually move out of their room and back into your own, and your child should rest in the knowledge that you’re close by and will hopefully sleep soundly. Another way
to keep your child comfortable could be to lend them a t-shirt or clothing item of yours that has your scent, or give them a new soft toy to cuddle up with.

Give them some praise

After your child has spent all night in their bed, make a fuss of how happy and proud you are of them the next morning. Reinforce their behaviour with small treats such as a sweet or chocolate after each successful night’s sleep and they should recognise how well they’ve done and want to keep it up.

Once your child is settled, help them love their bedroom even more by re-decorating it with colours or designs of their choice. To ensure both of your night times are as peaceful as possible, you should also consider some blackout blinds to stop them waking at the crack of dawn or being disturbed by streetlights.

Do you have any more tips on how to ease this transition? Let us know in the comments below!

Tips for getting your child to sleep in their own bed - www.motherhooddiaries.com

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