Tips & Advice: Planning Flowers for Events

Tips advice on flower arrangements

When it comes to planning or hosting an event, you want to make sure everything is planned from the very beginning to the very end to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible. Different kinds of events will require different kinds of décor, including flowers.
If you are unsure of where to start with your flower arrangements, this article will guide you on what flowers to select for different types of events.


Weddings are a happy occasion that at times can take months and even years to plan every detail. Flowers are a major aspect of weddings, which can play a major part in the overall décor and theme of the day.

Flower arrangements wedding


At times flowers can be used for sad events too, as a way of showing respect and honouring someone’s life – this is why flowers traditionally have a large part to play in funerals.

There are  many different types to select when organising a funeral or just sending flowers as a gesture of sympathy. Common choices are lillies, orchids and carnations.

What you select will entirely depend on the bereaved and the type of funeral you are going to. If the bereaved has a favourite flower then it only seems logical to honour them by selecting their favourite flower.

Flower arrangements funeral

If you are unsure, you can seek further help and advice from a funeral director using


When planning an event which features floral arrangements, it is best to make sure you know the seasonality of certain types of flowers.

If you haven’t decided on a specific type, it would be a great idea to select a type that will be in season at the time of the event. Of course, you typical can get the flowers you want all year round, but it may not be the best idea.

Choosing a type of flower that is in season ensures you get the very best from a plant, rather than selecting a type that is not in season and may look underwhelming in comparison. Choosing in season plants can also sometimes mean lower prices, so if you are budget conscious this is a great option.

Consulting online resources such as The Flower Expert will ensure that you know about flower seasonality and different flower attributes. 

Hopefuly this guide is helpful if you are planning an event and were unsure where to begin with flower arrangements!

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