The Illustrious Career of Eric Lefkofsky in the Health-Tech Sector

the illustrious career of eric leflofsky

Tempus, a Chicago based cancer-fighting data analytics firm has recently announced that it has accumulated an extra $110 million in the capital. The money is from both existing and new investors, and consequently, the company’s valuation has doubled and now stands at around $2 billion. The recent transactions include the entries of a Scottish investment fund and Baillie Gifford as new investors. The funding also got backing of familiar names like Funds Revolution Growth, a venture capital corporation headed by Steve Case, New Enterprise Associates, and T. Rowe Price.

As well as being the founder, Eric Lefkofsky is the chief executive of the tech giant. He has defied the odds to build a firm that is devoted to collecting, structuring, and analysing clinical and molecular data. For the last three years, the company its primary focus on building a library of data collected from cancer patients and survivors around the world. The library will contain both molecular and clinical information.


In addition to the Library, Tempus also focuses on designing a well elaborate operating system that will help practitioners especially oncologists to have access to the database. Lefkofsky believes that data-driven precision medicine is the next big thing in the medical world. He urges all in the field to take up personalised medicine as it will change how oncologists approach cancer treatment.

Eric Lefkofsky got the idea to start a health-tech company back in 2015. It’s been four years since then, and already the firm is among the leaders in the health-tech industry. The company gained unicorn status after just two years of operations. Under the leadership of Eric, the tech start-up has channelled most of its resources to ensuring it improves delivery of results when it comes to cancer treatment. It continues to empower physicians and researchers with information that will hasten research and at the end of the day improve on patient care.

The tech company mainly gathers molecular and clinical data from a patient. The corporation employs the use of an analytical and interactive machine platform that complements all of the data and makes it available to doctors whenever they are making treatment decisions. The platform provides physicians with access to numerous algorithm techniques that offers standard and transcriptome match.

With the help of the operating system, doctors also can access the firm’s analysis of molecular and therapeutic data to help them come up with data-driven decisions. Tempus partners with several top universities and cancer centres in the United States. Through data collection, the company ensures that a patient will benefit from the treatment of those who came before.

Over several years of operations, the firm has mastered the art of using various sequencing platforms. They include the sequencing platform of a specific panel of 595 genes, sequencing of Enco-seq panel of 1714 genes, a liquid biopsy sequencing platform, and whole exome sequencing.

Eric is a man in love with technology. Ever since he started his journey in the entrepreneurial world, he has overseen the growth of numerous tech firm’s that include Uptake Technologies that offers an analytics platform for industries, InnerWorkings, a firm that provides promotional and print solutions, and Lightbank, a private fund that invests in companies that focus on disruptive technologies.

Apart from his endeavours in the technology world, Eric Lefkofsky is an avid philanthropist. Together with his wife, they ran the Lefkofsky foundation, and in 2013 they became part of the Giving Pledge. He is a Trustee of the Lurie Children’s Hospital, and he is the Trustee chairman of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater. He is an accomplished author and mostly writes about ways of running a successful start-up and how technology is shaping the future of businesses.

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