The evolution of maternity dresses

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The evolution of maternity dresses
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When I first became pregnant, back in 2010, I wasn’t sure where to look for maternity clothes. I pictured dowdy jumpers and oversized shirts, paired with leggings or tracksuit bottoms that catered for the growing bump. What I wasn’t prepared for was that I had to make that decision quicker than anticipated. My bloated tummy 3 months into my pregnancy meant that I was already unable to button up my favourite jeans. I searched high and low for decent city-type clothes for work and fashionable wear for the evenings and weekends – not an easy job when hit with the typical fluctuating weather in London. And shopping during my last trimester was a nightmare! I hated waddling into busy clothes stores and trying to fit my sausage feet and tree trunk thighs into maternity trousers, strutting my big stuff for all to see. In the end I got stuck in a rut and lived in black leggings and baggy vest tops, occasionally stepping outside of my comfort zone and wearing maxi dresses when it got too hot (I cannot stress enough how comfortable maxi dresses are when you’re pregnant!)

Leggings and maxi dresses become your best friends during pregnancy!

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During my second pregnancy in 2012, I was a bit more prepared for change and armed myself with the knowledge of maternity fashion that I had picked up from my last pregnancy. I still lived in my leggings, but I definitely looked more feminine. After my second pregnancy, I decided to do my research in preparation for my next baby (whenever that is going to be) and I was directed to a much wider variety of super trendy Maternity Wear. Now, this is what I’m talking about! And now online stores take the hassle out of shopping when pregnant, especially during those lazy and heavy days of the third trimester. Evolving maternity fashion is paving the way for a new kind of dress, which is all the rage in today’s trends. I especially love the low smocked waist of these maternity dresses, elongating the body and flattering the pregnancy bump. The lightweight material makes for comfortable wearing during those summer days and the timeless tunic dresses are specially designed to suit all shapes and sizes. There’s even a breastfeeding dress for post-maternity, which is just as chic, yet efficiency is not compromised – the inverted pleats conceal a panel with openings to make breastfeeding simple and stylish. One would be forgiven for thinking these innovative dresses don’t come cheap, but the prices range from £20 – £40, so who says style has to break the bank? So, next pregnancy, I’ll be taking an online trip and doing my ego a much-needed favour. Just because I’m pregnant, doesn’t mean I can’t look sexy!

What to  look out for when shopping for maternity dresses online

  1. Look for maternity empire dresses that close in just under the bust, as they create an illusion of a smaller frame, but loosely cover the bump – these are great especially during the summer
  2. Go for light cotton material so that your bump can breathe. You don’t want the heavy material to be weighing on your bump, especially during the third trimester when you’re already uncomfortable
  3. Bright bold colours can really accentuate a pregnant figure and make you look glamourous and elegant. Don’t go too heavy on the patterns – Florals are great, but if they’re too busy, you may end up looking like a beach ball.
  4. Long maxi dresses are perfect for the warmer weather and they are so comfortable to wear because they are generally made of lighter material and loosely frame your figure.

Have you got any tips on what to look for in maternity dresses? Share with us in the comments below.

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