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The conception plan – Journey to getting my girl – Part 2


It has been a while since I agreed to take Urobiologics up on their offer to review their two tests of gender selection and determination. It has been no secret that I would like to try for a baby girl and, even though I have made it clear to friends and family that I will not be distraught at all if I end up with a third boy, the opportunity to plan for a girl was too good to refuse. I am currently working with Urobiologics, who are the first in the field to claim that women have alternating boy-girl specific menstrual cycles and can effectively help a couple to scientifically plan for a baby of a specific gender through non-invasive gender selection, i.e. based on a discovery that the uterus sorts out the X and Y chromosome-bearing sperm, depending on whether she is in a boy or girl cycle during conception (patented). These days they have become so confident of their success that they are asking couples for the proposed name of the baby in advance. And, the success rate is high, at 92%! So, after being approached twice, I have now decided to go ahead and try for my baby girl, named Ayla (Read Part 1 – Introduction here). Like I said, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. But, there’s no harm in trying if all I need to do is send off my urine samples, right?

After a bit of a hullabaloo with trying to send my urine samples legally overseas, i.e. Royal Mail didn’t accept them at first because they weren’t aware of the law. But, when I tried a second time, it was returned to me because the lab address was incorrectly written. This delayed my tests by two months. UPS finally delivered my samples to Urobiologics and the dedicated company got to work straight away, processing my samples and generating my own unique conception plan, in order to advise in which cycles I could successfully conceive a girl. An email was sent out to me two days later with my proposed results.

The test results and the conception plan

  • LEYLA PRESTON Trying to conceive girl after two boys
  • Proposed name of baby in advance – Ayla
  • Length of cycle: short, 23 to 26 days
  • 1st PreGender sample collected – 03/06/16 – indicated a boy phase
  • 2nd PreGender sample collected – 25/06/16 – indicated a girl phase

According to the results my cycles were alternating and, since then, I have been sent updated conception plans in every girl month, to ensure that I conceive during the right dates.

So, my updated file is:

  • Period Start Date – 07/07/16 – Boy phase started
  • Period Start Date – 03/08/16 – Girl phase started, received conception plan
  • Period Start Date – 27/08/16 – Boy phase started
  • Period Start Date – 20/09/16 – Girl phase started, received conception plan
  • Period Start Date – 17/10/16 – Boy phase started
  • Period Start Date – 12/11/16 – Girl phase started, received conception plan
  • Period Start Date – 09/12/16 – Boy phase started
  • Period Start Date –  07/01/17 – Girl phase started, received conception plan as follows:
    • Probably ovulate on 21/01/17
    • No sex on 16/01/17 and 17/01/17 to allow sperm to mature
    • Sex on 18/01/17 and 20/01/17 is very important – maximum chances of conception. Urobiologics warn that conception can happen late in a cycle as well.
    • Therefore, continue sex on – 22/01/17, 24/01/17, 26/01/17, 28/01/17… until period commences. Leaving one day in between is required for sperm maturation.

I must say that the plan looks quite daunting! At the moment (it’s now 19/01/2017) hubby is completely out with the flu, so we will have to see if we can still salvage this month.

Maximising chances of conception

Urobiologics has advised me not to worry about the exact day of ovulation, odd/even days, or Chinese charts etc, but to keep things simple and stress-free. According to them, the ovulation test which basically hints that LH (luteinising hormone) surge and the ‘actual release of the egg’ are two separate events and can vary in every case. They can be a week or more apart, which is why Dr. Shettle’s 0+/-12 concept failed and caused frustration in millions of women. Urobiologics’ plan covers all variations and has the highest conception rate and warn not to get wrapped up in these old ideas. I am not on the pill, so I have an external-synthetic-hormone-free uterus, which will increase my chances of conceiving in specific cycles and delivering a trouble-free baby. Some couples can conceive easily within specific gender cycles, leading to more girls or boys. One couple in Michigan gave birth to their 13th boy, despite Urobiologics’ warning  that the 13th would be a boy also if they didn’t go through the PreGender Test. The couple didn’t pay any attention and continued on their own. When the company heard about the 13th pregnancy through media, they immediately started announcing that the 13th boy is coming, without performing any test. This turned out to be true in June 2015.

Urobiologics warns couples not to depend on chemical contraceptives (gels and douches etc), because these may fail especially in sensitive cases. They strongly advise to use condoms in opposite phases from day 1 until they start their period. They do not believe in any safe zones in such cases because the uteral environment may be so cosy that the life of the sperm can be extended beyond the norms and the sperm deposited in the safe zone can cause conception later. Urobiologics also warn against gender diet plans as they tend to raise male/female hormones in the body and will interfere with the natural potential to have the girl/boy (Click here for more information.) They especially advise women not to run to physicians to get any medication for ‘raising the chances of conception’. Although medicines are available, they are not good for gender selection because physicians are not aware of how much these types of medicine alter the natural redox environment in the uterus, which plays an active role in sperm selection. Therefore, if you are trying to conceive a boy or a girl, these kinds of medicine should be avoided.

The PreGender Preconception Test is a sure-fire natural way to ensure you get the baby of your desired gender.

What happens when I do get pregnant?

The day I confirm my pregnancy, I will start collecting new urine samples for the FirstGender test because Urobiologics can find out the gender of the baby as soon as I do a pregnancy test, with around 96% accuracy. Certain pregnancy test kits can detect pregnancy 6 days before the expected menstrual date. Their FirstGender test can detect the gender of the baby 3 days before the expected period date and onwards up to 20th week. The FirstGender test report is more accurate for couples who have taken the PreGender Preconception test because they know in advance what is coming.

Urobiologics are constantly working on their tests to ensure maximum accuracy

Urobiologics’ techniques to find the difference between two cycles have improved tremendously in the recent months, which means couples can be more confident in their choices to get the baby that they are planning for. Due to their dedication in this field, the PreGender conception program has turned out to be almost guaranteed to get the baby of the desired gender. Urobiologics are proud to call themselves ‘The Brahma’ in the field of gender planning and have been selected as one of the top 50 innovators to present this new concept at 2016’s New England Venture Summit in Boston on 7th December. You can read more about this summit here.

What to expect in the feature series, “Journey to getting my girl’

  1. Introductionyou can find the post here
  2. The conception plan – This post – A look at the urine sample results and what they mean
  3. Getting pregnant – Tips on how to get pregnant and the FirstGender process
  4. Competition/giveaway – A chance for you to enter and win both the PreGender Test and FirstGender Test for free to try for a boy or girl (a USD 570.00 value).

N.B – It is important to note here that I am receiving a free PreGender Test and FirstGender Test in return for reviewing my journey to getting a girl. I am fully aware that there may be a chance that I could get a boy and I am 100% happy if this is in fact the outcome. Gender planning can be a great idea if you have multiple boys or girls in the family and you are trying for a particular gender. But, I do not think this decision should be taken lightly. As long as the baby is 100% happy and healthy, this should be the most important reason for trying again. 

The conception plan - journey to getting my girl - part 2

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