40 plus week pregnancy

The 40 Week Pregnancy Myth

According to some bloke called Karl Naegele, human pregnancy is 40 weeks as he “saw it in the ... »

What it feels like to be overdue…

What it feels like to be overdue…

When you are pregnant there is a huge amount of focus on your ‘due date’ – people will constantly as... »

Mum and baby

Jack’s Birth Story

If you’re reading this and considering your birth options, do look into home birth as, if you are ab... »

William’s birth story

William’s birth story

I honestly thought that baby number 2 would arrive early. Aren’t they supposed to? I’d finished work... »


Ted’s Birth Story

I actually have to remind myself what a fantastic achievement the whole experience was as not many w... »

Agatha Birth

Agatha’s Birth Story

Despite my home birth not exactly going to plan it was still definitely the right choice for me. I l... »

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