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Get your Boogie Bounce on with lights by TENA - motherhooddiaries

Get your Boogie Bounce on with lights by TENA

I have been to some very interesting lights by Tena events now and they've always been entertaining ... »

Perfect your pelvic floor - lights by tena -

Perfect your pelvic floor this 2017 with lights by TENA – New Year, Healthy You

  2016 was the year of just winging it. I wasn’t following any diet or exercise plan and ... »

A day at Champneys with Lights by TENA - motherhooddiaries

A day at Champneys Springs with lights by TENA to learn all about #oooopsmoments – #noonetoldme

In my twenties, I had no idea what incontinence was, let alone having an oooops moment. I was young ... »

lights by tena oooops moments -

What is bladder weakness and how do we combat these #oooopsmoments?

“Don’t make me laugh or I’ll pee myself!” This is a phrase I often hear wome... »

Lights by TENA

Be Prepared with Lights by TENA – Quick-fix it Goody Box for that Oooops moment!

Mums, put your hands up who has gone into work with a ladder in your tights, done the school run wit... »