mother and daughter

Feeling guilty as a parent? Don’t!

I’m sure there isn’t a mother on this earth who doesn’t feel guilty the moment the... »

Saving money over Christmas

Top Five Tips for Spreading the Cost of Christmas

It’s not easy, but spreading the cost of Christmas is entirely possible. It requires an incred... »

Gender of baby

How The Gender Mystery During Pregnancy Helped Me Bond with my Baby

Throughout my pregnancy I had not felt the need to know the gender of my child. Part of this was sti... »

feeling a kick - motherhooddiaries

Was that it? Feeling a kick… maybe.

I am currently just over 20 weeks along and scarily in the halfway point of this pregnancy journey! ... »

Boy born from phantom pregnancy

From a Ghost Pregnancy (Negative Pregnancy Test) to Birthing a Very Real Baby Boy!

*Disclaimer – I have been asked repeatedly to take this post down, due to information within t... »

Getting past distrust - pregnancy after miscarriage - motherhooddiaries

Getting Past Distrust: Pregnancy after a Miscarriage

No woman wants to hear “miscarriage” after a positive pregnancy test, and if it happens ... »

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