Boy listening headphones to music

Music therapy for children with ADHD and anxiety

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most common behavioural and neurodevelopment... »

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How improving your health can help your children

Wherever you look these days, there are resources on how you can improve your overall health, either... »

Tips for travelling with tiring toddlers -

My Top Ten Tips for Travelling with Tiring Toddlers

We have a very international family, so we end up travelling quite frequently throughout the year an... »

Ways to invest in your family's future

Ways to invest in your family’s future

Since having children, money starts to literally bleed out of your pockets. Your living expenses hav... »

The benefits of children learning to play an instrument - Yamaha Arius Digital Piano

The benefits of your child learning to play an instrument

Motherhood Diaries is working in partnership with Yamaha Music London to bring you a feature series ... »

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How you can encourage your child to be active

In recent times, fewer children are venturing outside and being as physically active as they should ... »

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