32 weeks pregnant - baby's clothes

32 weeks pregnant – Things are really getting to me now…

I am having such a bad week this week. We’ve been at the new flat for a week now and the place look... »

17 weeks pregnant - clothes hangar

17 weeks pregnant – I don’t look pregnant – I look fat!

On Saturday, I took my sister-in-law to Primark in Central London, which was a nightmare. I don't t... »

15 weeks pregnant

15 weeks pregnant – Time is really flying now

I have one more week before I hit four months into my pregnancy! How did that happen?? I cannot bel... »

Blood sample week 10 pregnancy

10 weeks pregnant – Appointment letters have come through the post!

I received a letter in the post with dates for my blood tests (12 weeks), translucency scan and mid... »

8 weeks pregnant and feeling sick

8 weeks pregnant – The pregnancy has started to become a reality

It had started to finally sink in that I was pregnant now… I felt bloated and my stomach stuck out l... »