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Life after birth – back to work or work for yourself?

The bubble of birth may have well and truly popped and you are finally starting to settle into life ... »

How to strengthen your pelvic floor after pregnancy and birth - motherhooddiaries

How to strengthen your pelvic floor after pregnancy and childbirth

Pregnancy and birth bring with them a whole heap of side effects, including an uproar of hormones, a... »

Birth injury lawyer - motherhooddiaries

Birth Injury Attorneys can help you prevent medical misconducts and accidents

Not much is known about the work that is done by the birth injury attorney. But, why consider an att... »

Rock your childbirth on Mother's Day -

Mother’s Day Tips: Your Guide to Help You Rock Your First Birth

So you’re going to be a mum for the first time. This means that you are entitled to expect a l... »

Mumsnet Bumpfest 2014

Mumsnet Bumpfest 2014 – Pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond from an experienced mum’s point-of-view

*I apologise in advance for the length and detail of this post on Bumpfest 2014. I have literally wr... »

Jack's birth story - Mother and newborn baby

Jack’s Birth Story

If you’re reading this and considering your birth options, do look into home birth as, if you are ab... »

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