Superfood Christmas Tree Salad – The Big Health Recipe Challenge by The Health Bay

Superfood Christmas Tree Salad – The Big Health Recipe Challenge by The Health Bay
Superfood Christmas Tree Salad – The Big Health Recipe Challenge by The Health Bay
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Motherhood Diaries massively enjoys creative cooking and coming up with new recipes, especially recipes that transform into super healthy and entertaining dishes that both adults and kids can enjoy. The Health Bay are currently running a competition for all bloggers to submit a recipe that is as healthy, as it is tasty. The prices are pretty awesome too:

  • 1st place: £175 to spend at The Health Bay
  • 2nd place: £50 vouchers to spend at The Health Bay
  • 3rd place: £25 vouchers to spend at The Health Bay

All recipes will be compiled into a free eBook, coming out in the New Year. Full details on the competition (which ends on 11 January 2015) can be found here: http://www.thehealthbay.com/big-recipe-competition.

So, without further ado, I present to you my competition entry, The Superfood Christmas Tree Salad!

Superfood Christmas Tree Salad Recipe


  • Block of cheddar cheese for the star on top of the Christmas Tree
  • Natural plain yoghurt for the snow (Lacto free yoghurt is just as good)
  • Wafer thin ham for the mountains
  • 2 large boiled eggs for the snowmen
  • 1 tomato for the presents
  • 1 carrot for the snowmen’s hats and noses
  • 200g spinach for the Christmas Tree leaves
  • About 20 black olives for the baubles on the Christmas Tree and the snowmen’s eyes and mouth.
  • 1 orange bell pepper for the presents
  • 1 green bell pepper for the presents
  • 3 inch cucumber for the ribbon on the presents
  • 1 red bell pepper for the tinsel on the Christmas Tree
  • 1 celery stalk for the trunk of the Christmas Tree


The Christmas Tree

  • Place the celery stalk in the middle of your tray/plate, with the curved edges face down.
  • Grab your spinach and place on top of the celery stalk, making sure to shape the spinach into a triangle for the Christmas Tree
  • Grab your red bell pepper and cut very thin slices. Place the thin slices on each side of the Christmas Tree to resemble tinsel.

  • Decorate the Christmas Tree with black olive baubles
  • Cut a slice of cheddar cheese about 2 inches wide and 0.5 inches in depth. Fashion a triangle out of that square. Create another triangle and place on top of the other cheese triangle to make a star.

Presents at the bottom of the Christmas Tree

  • Grab your tomato and cut into 4 pieces. Cut the pieces again, leaving just the outer edge and all the insides removed. Place under the tree
  • Do the same for the orange and green bell pepper.
  • Use a peeler or mandolin to shave thin slices of cucumber. Cut to size and place over the presents as ribbon
  • Do the same with the carrot on the green bell pepper present


  • Hard-boil the eggs and immediately place them in cold water to harden them up.
  • Remove the shell and cut the tip of the bottom of the egg, so that the snowmen can stand on the tray/plate. If you cut at a slant then you can control the direction the egg’s face will be.
  • Cut a carrot into 2 inch pieces for the hats.
  • Cut a very small dent at the tip of the egg in order to place the carrot head
  • Use 1 olive and cut out 4 very small pieces for the eyes and push into each egg to secure them.
  • Do the same for the mouth, but slice the olive thinly instead to create an upturned smile. Push into the egg to secure in place.
  • Cut tips of the carrots for the nose and push in until you reach the desired peak nose effect.


  • Cut the wafer thin hams into mountains and overlap them over each other to create a more 3D approach to the decoration.


  • Using a small teaspoon, dip into the natural yoghurt and dab over the star and the peaks of the mountains. Dribble some onto the Christmas Tree and over the presents. Also, fill in the gaps around each item with the natural yoghurt to simulate a settled snowy ground. Dot the yoghurt at the top of your tray/plate for falling snow.

And, there you have it, a very festive and Christmassy, yet super healthy Christmas Tree Salad, which was polished off by the whole family soon afterwards. It’s amazing how kids are more enthusiastic to try new things when their food resembles something they recognise!

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think of Motherhood Diaries’ Christmas entry. Thank you 🙂

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