Spending time on Sunday with the new look Sunday Times Magazine

Spending time on Sunday with the New Sunday Times Magazine - motherhooddiaries.com

Normally, my Sunday mornings consist of being reluctantly dragged out of bed by the kids to make breakfast post-haste, whilst I skim through my emails and sip my very strong cup of coffee. I rarely get time to do much else. But, on a particularly unusual day, Hubby had risen earlier with the boys and walked into town to buy me the latest Sunday Times. For, I was bestowed upon me the opportunity to read a real life paper version of the infamous broadsheet, something I hadn’t done in simply years! You see, I’m a 30-something ex-City worker with two super active boys and a laptop and smartphone (built like a mini tablet) that travel almost everywhere with me. Digitally, I’m on it. On paper? Not so much…

Spending time on Sunday with the New Sunday Times Magazine - motherhooddiaries.com

As I unwrapped and unfolded all the separate sections of The Sunday Times, two familiar thoughts sprang to mind:

(1) How many trees did they cut down to make just one Sunday Times?

(2) Who gets time to read all these sections in one day!?

During my uni and law school days, I remember buying The Times on Tuesday for the law section, but, only ever skim reading it. The rest I used to glance at and then store away, with the promise to myself that I would read them in bed before going to sleep. That time never came…

Magazines, however, I have time for. I see the world in full colour, so, naturally, I flock towards the magazine section of the weekend papers anyway.

Style Magazine

I’ve always enjoyed reading the Style magazine because there’s something in it for everyone. I only really started taking care of my skin in my 30s, so in those four short years, I’ve been actively researching the best products available for an age-defying skincare experience. I can’t even begin to tell you the sheer amount of reviews of organic makeup I have looked at. Of course, it matters what you put in your insides too, so that it’s easier to treat your outside. But, the article about picking the right cleanser for your skin type touched upon the very basics of your skincare routine. I realized I was using the wrong cleanser completely, hence why I was breaking out all the time. I took a picture for my sisters and friends to have a good read.

I was also astounded to hear that the founder of the profoundly famous London designer empire, Browns, is turning 90 this Sunday. I felt a surge of pride as Mrs B shows women everywhere that we can, indeed, own a super successful business and have it all in a man’s world!

I’m still trying to figure out why Beth Ditto’s lesbian sexuality is typified, especially as the article is primarily about her new plus size clothing line. But, I suppose this is why my dad says that The Times can be, well, behind the times…

Culture Magazine

I must admit that I rarely read the Culture magazine and, generally, head to the back for the crossword. I spend so much time reading the Style magazine that I rarely end up getting time to read the Culture, which is double in size. But, of course, I made sure I tackled the crossword first (with a little help from my digital right hand (my mini tablet))

The New Sunday Times Magazine

It has been 54 years since The Times launched Britain’s first full-colour Sunday newspaper magazine. The Sunday Times Magazine has a new, edgy look (assisted by a new line-up of writers for today’s world) and could quite happily sit on the magazine aisle in any supermarket. I, initially, skim through the pages and I am instantly drawn to the article about Taylor Swift, which, I have to admit, is quite negative on the whole.

“Taylor Swift: Nightmare dressed like a daydream?”

Yikes! Eve Barlow gives us quite a detailed insight into pop’s most powerful woman and her new coterie of glamour girls, i.e. the #squad. Eve manages to squeeze into ‘Tay’s’ special circles only to be ousted quite quickly in response to a relatively sour review on one of her public performances. From there Eve rants about how the star’s entourage are fiercely protective over Tay and ensure that the shrewd and business savvy 24 year old keeps up her squeaky clean posterior, no matter the cost. Quite telling and, what I think, is a very honest insight into Taylor Swift’s world, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I also glance over the food section and spot a nice recipe on pulled pork burgers. I make a mental note to buy the ingredients to make these for my boys…

There’s a great article showing some beautiful wedding dresses from ASOS for only £200! My best friend is getting married in Tuscany this August, so I took some photos of the wedding dresses to send to her. Knowing her, I’m pretty sure she will spend a little more than £200 on her own wedding dress, but it’s nice to see that The Times caters for those who may not have as hefty budgets.

My thoughts on The Sunday Times and the new Sunday Times Magazine are:

  • The feel of reading an actual broadsheet paper is second to none, it reminds me of a simpler time. But, to save our flailing environment the digital version is just as readable, providing a niftier and more user friendly experience. I’ve never been good at looking like I know how to handle broadsheets anyway…
  • Reading the paper version made me realise how much I miss filling out crosswords.
  • The Sunday Times Magazine is a great addition to The Sunday Times. The content seems more current and on point. I really enjoyed reading the main article on Taylor Swift and Jamie Oliver’s Southend Chowder recipe (he’s a legend!)
  • It’s nice to see a selection of different recipes for the reader to choose from. They will be ripped out to make up part of my huge recipe scrapbook.
  • It’s also nice to see a Tech section in the magazine for us digital nerds. Perhaps, expand to more than just one A4 page, though, especially considering that all-things-tech is where the world is heading towards.
  • There is a rather harrowing article in the Sunday Times about the record amount of stillbirths recorded in various NHS hospitals in the UK. It is a great article because it raises awareness to parents about the general care and wellbeing they should experience during labour and birth. It would be very beneficial to have a parenting section in the The Sunday Times magazine, perhaps an Agony Aunt section or some facts about pregnancy and parenting – I’m available!
  • And, we could all benefit from more crossword/Sudoku/wordsearch puzzles in a full colour magazine, no? Just me then?

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