September 2014 – Degustabox Product Review

September 2014 – Degustabox Product Review

Continuing from the success of Motherhood Diaries’ debut review of February’s Degustabox, I will now be reviewing the fantastic Degustabox service every month.

Here is the link to the full background of the Degustabox and the service they offer: https://motherhooddiaries.com/degustabox-review-plus-competitiongiveaway-win-aprils-degustabox/

But, for a quick recap, Degustabox is an online retail service that offers a monthly package full of nutritional goods for a monthly fee of £12.99. But lucky customers like yourself will receive a £3.00 discount when signing up for your first Degustabox by inserting discount code 4784565 at the checkout.

Products range from condiments to organic food and drink, packed with lots of information on the product and its manufacturer. You can sign up to receive a monthly Degustabox here: http://bit.ly/DBhomepage.

You can stay updated via Degustabox’s social networks too:

Facebook – http://bit.ly/DBUKFacebook

Twitter – http://bit.ly/DBUKTwitter

And, that’s not all! Customers have the opportunity to receive a hefty 40% discount when signing up with their email address.

So, let’s get started!


Tommy (Daddy)

Leyla (Mummy)

Aron (3 years old)

Aidan (2 years old)


What’s in September’s Degustabox?

You can view the video of Motherhood Diaries opening up September’s Degustabox here:

This month’s Degustabox recipes

Fruity Flapjacks by Jamie Oliver using Jordan’s Simply Granola


Pasta Carbonara using Carnation Cook with it cooking crème.



LITTLE MIRACLES – RRP £1.59 per bottle

Developed with consumer health and wellbeing in mind, all blends are sweetened with organic agave and are less than 90 calories. Free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners.

The idea behind Little Miracles was developed by Little Miracles’ Danish founder, Jorn Senger, following intensive travelling in China. He learned about the special properties of the Chinese ginseng root and a traditional ginseng formula that allegedly enabled farmers to double their efforts at harvest time.

Now available in over 20 countries, Little Miracles bottles are sold in the very best convenience stores, gas stations, gyms, café’s, deli’s, trains, airlines and supermarkets.

“Little Miracles are a beautiful blend of organic tea and fruit juice. With ginseng and acai, it is the perfect pick-me-up morning, noon and afternoon. All blends are:

  • Sweetened with agave
  • Less than 90 calories
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners

Available from Asda, Boots, Holland & Barrett, Sainsburys, Superdrug, Tesco, Waitrose, WH Smith.”

Our Opinion – Such a lovely and subtly sweet blend of organic tea and fruit juice. Both are equally as tasty as each other and perfect for on-the-go. The Green Tea and Lemongrass Tea blend are best served chilled and are very refreshing after a heavy meal or a great workout. Definitely give them a go if you’re into organic drinks because they’re definitely the best I have tasted in the market.

BURTS – RRP £2.07 / £0.69 per pack

Burts make British potato chips from their Devon home, by carefully hand cooking in small batches to make an unbeatable crunch and adding a range of natural seasonings. Their quest for the perfect potato chip started over 15 years ago with a single fryer, but bags of enthusiasm. Burts would only use the finest and freshest natural ingredients, which is why there is nothing artificial in a bag of Burts.

“Burts Lentil Waves are available from Waitrose in three tantalising flavours; Sour Cream & Chive, Thai Sweet Chilli and Lightly Salted. Each batch of Lentil Waves are flash cooked in our Devon kitchen and taste just as moreish as our traditional range of crunchy chips.”

Our Opinion – We love crisps in our house, especially unique crisps that boast a more natural and wholesome flavour. So, we were excited to try out these special ‘Lentil Waves’ from this month’s Degustabox as Degustabox has really delivered on finding some very fitting alternatives to the regular crisps we normally buy.

These crisps are healthy and gluten free, so they’re perfect for incorporating in diet plans and kids’ lunchboxes.

Thai Sweet Chilli

The Thai Sweet Chilli flavour was our favourite. I really loved the crunch and the infamous zing you get from sweet chilli flavoured crisps.

Sour Cream & Chive

I don’t really like sour cream & chive flavour, except as a dip for bite-sized snacks and these crisps had a real sour cream taste to them. The boys are not fussy and they hoovered the crisps up quite quickly. But, I could tell that they weren’t too sure of the taste either. There is definitely a full flavour and it can be quite overbearing.

Lightly Salted

I never got to try these flavoured crisps as they were devoured by hubby, but he did say they tasted good and not as salty as some of the other Lightly Salted flavour crisps in the market.


Jordan’s Simply Granola is a simple blend of crunchy baked oats with a hint of honey. You can enjoy Jordan’s Simply Granola with milk or yoghurt, or even create some fab recipes using the infamous British Oats that also naturally lower cholesterol.

“Prefer the simpler things in life? Our shiny new Simply Granola could be the one for you! A deliciously simple blend of crunchy baked oats with a hint of honey. Mmmm. We like it on its own or with milk or yoghurt, but if you fancy yourself to be a cereal mixologist, you can create your own masterpiece by adding whatever you fancy.”

So, we did that!

For Motherhood Diaries’ Fruity Flapjack recipe using Jordan’s Simply Granola, visit https://www.motherhooddiaries.com/fruity-flapjacks/.

Our Opinion
– Once recommended by a good friend of mine, Jordan’s Simply Granola are simply delicious! And, yes, they are versatile – I can grab a handful from the bag and munch as a snack, they taste that good! The Fruity Flapjacks by Jamie Oliver came out a treat, using these British Oats, and I’m making another batch as I write this. I can’t get enough, I am a true convert.

PICK UP! – RRP £1.69 for pack of 5

Bahlsen have been putting more of the best into every one of their biscuits for over 120 years. With headquarters in Hanover, they are the market leader for cakes and biscuits in Germany and one of the leading manufacturers of sweet biscuits in Europe. The largest family-run biscuit enterprise in the world, Bahlsen today produces its branded articles at 5 sites in Europe and exports its products to over 80 countries. With a labour force of nearly 2,500 worldwide, the company’s annual turnover is in excess of £400 million.

“Bahlsen PiCK UP! Milk Chocolate is a mouth-watering slab of thick milk chocolate sandwiched between two crisp biscuits. They are individually wrapped, locking in the freshness and perfect for on the go. Our new flavour, Black ‘N’ White, consists of a thick bar of delicious white chocolate in between two cocoa biscuits.”

Our Opinion We were first offered a sample of Bahlsen Pick Up! On the way to the shops and we loved it so much that we bought two packs there and then. So, we were really happy to see that two packs of different types of Pick Up! Chocolate biscuit bars were in this month’s Degustabox.

Milk Chocolate

The Milk Chocolate Biscuit Bar has a crisp biscuit with thick milk chocolate sandwiched in between. Each pack of 5 are individually wrapped to keep them fresh and easy to transport around. These chocolate biscuits are great for on-the-go or as a treat for the kids.

Black ‘N’ White

These are essentially the opposite to the Milk Chocolate with thick white chocolate sandwiched between chocolate crisp. This wasn’t my favourite, but the boys loved it (they’re not fussy with chocolate) and they’re easy to carry around and snack on as a treat, so still a thumbs up from me.


John Crabbie, set sail from the port of Leith, Edinburgh, in search of the finest spices and ingredients from far-off lands.

Crabbie’s recipe is made with 4 closely-guarded secret ingredients, which are combined with ginger that is shipped from the Far East and steeped for up to 6 weeks to produce its deep, spicy flavour.

CRABBIE’S LEMONADE (330ml = £1.20)

This month we were offered an alcoholic and non-alcoholic option, however, I didn’t get the chance to try out either of the bottles because my husband swiped them. Hubby said that the lemonade version has a certain zing to it, but enjoyed the ginger after taste combined with the classic lemonade flavour.


CRABBIE’S Alcoholic Fruits is a delicious new range of really fruity, fruit flavours (with no ginger!)
With three delicious flavours to choose from, Black Cherry, Zesty Lemon and Raspberry and Rhubarb, these mouth-watering drinks are made with up to 10% natural fruit juice, containing no artificial colours or flavourings. ALC 4% VOL.”

Hubby really enjoyed this zesty lemon drink, wishing for another straight after he swigged the bottle down within 5 minutes. This particular Alcoholic Fruit drink reminded him of the alcopops he used to drink when he was younger, with a sweet aftertaste that disguises alcohol really well.

CARNATION – Cook with it! – £3.30 / £1.65

Nestle Carnation made Cook with it! Creamy sauces to complement dishes and are made with fresh milk and half the fat of single cream (contains 68% less fat than single cream). The cooking crème is great for favourite savoury dishes – from hearty soups and casseroles to pasta bakes and sauces. Carnation Cook with It! Is available in containers of 525g.

“Add a delicious, creamy taste to savoury dishes with new Carnation Cook with it! Made using fresh milk and with half the fat of single cream. Cook with it! Is a versatile cooking crème – a great ingredient for favourite creamy dishes, from Carbonaras to curries, quiches and soups. Find in store with the Carnation range!”

Our Opinion – This is a lovely tasty creamy sauce that is perfect with pasta or tagliatelle. It is pretty versatile, so you could also use it to complement a nice risotto dish, but we opted for a classic Pasta Carbonara. Link to the recipe here: https://www.motherhooddiaries.com/pasta-carbonara-using-carnation-cook-creme/


As one of Britain’s best-loved luxury chocolate makers Elizabeth Shaw are proud of their rich heritage and experience. Creating luxurious chocolates means never compromising on the quality of their ingredients. That’s why they source a very specific blend of cocoa from the Côte d’Ivoire. It’s then refined for 24 hours, creating a smooth chocolate with an unforgettable texture and taste.

“Elizabeth Shaw’s brand new Dark Chocolate Mint Things brings you delicate layers of quality 55% Dark Chocolate infused with a sumptuous mint flavour, luxuriously decorated with crunchy mint sprinkles.

The lightness of the chocolate with the crunchy sprinkles makes them very moreish indeed, and although we say these are great to share with friends over a coffee, you may find you want to keep these all to yourself!

Suitable for vegetarians.”

Our OpinionI absolutely love dark chocolate and mint crisp, so these chocolates were a winner before even trying them out. And, of course, they were as delicious as I thought they would be. They remind me of the classic After Eights, but with more of a crisp and less of a minty centre. These would be perfect table delights for a Christmas dinner or as an additional ingredient to an indulgent chocolate cake.


Made from a 170-year old recipe, La Vieja Fabrica fruit spread can transform an ordinary, everyday occasion into something truly special. Imported from Spain, La Vieja Fabrica is sold in over 35 countries worldwide, and they are proud to announce that La Vieja Fabrica is now available in the United States in a range of six flavours.

Since 1834, La Vieja Fabrica fruit spreads in the same way: slowly, over low temperatures – never boiling. This is why there is more fruit in every bite. Their craft manufacturing process preserves the rich flavour and natural aroma of their fruit, making only the most delicious, authentic fruit spreads.

“In a word, quite simply delicious. Marmalade made in the traditional method using a recipe that is over 170 years old. We use only the best Seville Oranges and produce in a such a way the integrity of the fruit is maintained, Seville Orange Marmalade, produced in Seville. Product available now in Tesco, Waitrose and Morrison.”

Our Opinion
– Unfortunately, no one in our family like marmalade at all, so I have given this jar to my mum and I am awaiting her opinion.

RIGHTEOUS – £2.19 / 225ml bottle = £2.49

Righteous 50ml pots come in shelf-ready displays that fit perfectly on small shelves side-by-side with salad bags. They handy packaging format can also fit snugly in lunch-to-go salad boxes or in an assorted display on salad bars. Recommended retail price is £0.75p

“Righteous is an exciting brand of All Natural salad dressings. Made using only 100% natural ingredients, these delicious dressings are bursting with flavour. They contain no additives, preservatives or thickeners, or anything that you wouldn’t expect to find in your own kitchen. The interesting and award-winning flavours take the hassle out of making your own – and will re-ignite your love for salads and make sticking to a healthier diet so much more of a pleasure than a pain. Righteous is the Number 1 selling brand of Sauces for Whole Foods Market in the UK.”

Our Opinion – These Righteous salad pots are so easy to use and take the pain out of creating tasty salad sauces. Simply prepare your salad ingredients and pour over a handy-sized Righteous salad sauce pot when you’re ready. All Righteous salad pots are individually packed to maintain freshness.

Example of a simple salad using the Righteous Lemon & Mustard Seed Dressing:


What did I like most about September’s Degustabox?

I love Elizabeth Shaw’s Mint Crisps, but Jordan’s Granola Oats won as star of the products, with Little Miracles Tea drinks a close second. So many great products – the quality has definitely gotten better this month.


5 out of 5 – This month definitely earned its 5 star rating, due to the number of great products and the versatility of their use.

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