Review/Giveaway Policy


  1. Product reviews will only be done when a sample is provided.
  2. Product reviews will only be done when a second product is available to giveaway to Motherhood Diaries’ readers.
  3. Samples will not be returned.
  4. Negative reviews will not be posted.
  5. All products will be reviewed.
  6. All opinions will be Motherhood Diaries’ own honest appraisal of a product or service.
  7. Should you wish to provide specific links in the review or giveaway to be held at a certain time, of if you would like to sponsor an entire post, Motherhood Diaries will consider this for a fee (please see page 10 for more information on prices for sponsored posts and advertorials).
  8. All product reviews will be labelled with a ‘Product Review’ badge.