Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle and Puzzle Handy Reviews

Ravensburger puzzle reviews - motherhooddiaries

We are a family of jigsaw lovers, so when we do get the chance to review some very interesting puzzles from Ravensburger, we don’t tend to turn that opportunity down. This month, we received several jigsaw puzzles for review, including a helpful puzzle handy, which we now can’t do without!

Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles are brilliant, not just because of their great cardboard quality, but because of the way that Ravensburger innovatively fuses our love of jigsaw puzzles with art and education. So, people of all ages will be able to take something away with them every time they complete a puzzle.

Ravensburger products for review

  • Puzzle Handy
  • Best of British – The Supermarket, 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Vintage Travel Guides, 500pc, Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Gold Edition Country Cottage, 300pc Jigsaw Puzzle with Large Pieces

Puzzle Handy

Puzzle Handy Foldaway Puzzle Board - motherhooddiaries

The Puzzle Handy is a foldaway puzzle board that is best suitable for assembling 500-piece and 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles. This durable board, which is made from top quality FSC board, is as handy as it says ‘on-the-tin’ because folding and unfolding is a breeze and you can secure the board with brackets included in the box so that everything stays put while you’re completing your jigsaw. The dotted guidelines help to position either a 500-piece or a 1000-piece puzzle, which is great during the jigsaw building process. When you’ve finished the puzzle, you can just fold the Puzzle Handy away by removing the brackets, refolding the board and popping it back in the storage box provided.


Size: 30 x 43 x 6cm

Contents: Foldable jigsaw assembly board and 4 sturdy clamps

Buy here:


Puzzle Handy Foldaway Puzzle Board instructions - motherhooddiaries

Puzzle Handy Foldaway Puzzle - motherhooddiaries

Best of British – The Supermarket, 1000pc

Ravensburger British Supermarket - motherhooddiaries

Ravensburger British Supermarket - motherhooddiaries

The boys (4 and 6 years old) and I loved this puzzle because it is so colourful and full of detail. This ‘CheapoSave’ supermarket epitomises the true experience that you receive when visiting a British superstore. There is so much to look at and lots of funny and amusing scenarios, which us Brits have experienced at a British supermarket at some point. The image reminds me of an Asda Walmart, a Costco or a Macro store, where you can find absolutely anything you need within the building and you get to witness people from all walks of life.

“Enter the world of “CheapoSave”, where you get less for a whole lot more. The attentive staff, excellent displays and extensive product range promise so much – but make sure you read the offers and labels very carefully to ensure you know what you’re really buying. Is that really a Jackson Pollock on the fish counter, and Mouskouri Nanas in the fruit & veg section?” Ravensburger

This puzzle was very difficult to build and it took such a long time, but we enjoyed the experience throughout because of the sheer image detail and the constant surprise as the puzzle was coming together. This jigsaw is suitable for people with patience and a sense of humour!

Ravensburger Supermarket Puzzle - motherhooddiaries

Ravensburger British Supermarket - motherhooddiaries

Ravensburger British Supermarket - motherhooddiaries

(We lost two pieces in the process )


Size: 27 x 37 x 6cm

Buy here:

Vintage Travel, 500pc

Ravensburger - Vintage Travel 500pc - motherhooddiaries

The boys and I loved this vintage travel jigsaw. We enjoyed finding all the text first and piecing them together before working out the book edges for each respective country. This is such a beautiful and colourful jigsaw puzzle with very interesting travel guides. Again, the premium grade cardboard is such high quality and contains a linen finish which minimises glare on the puzzle image. Also, when you pick up a bunch of pieces, they don’t just fall apart in your hand. You can transport a group of pieces together and combine with the rest of the puzzle.

Ravensburger Vintage Travel 500pc - motherhooddiaries

Ravensburger Vintage Travel 500pc - motherhooddiaries

(one piece missing )


Size: 49 x 36cm

Ages: 10 years and up

Buy here:

Gold Edition Country Cottage 300pc – with large pieces

Gold Edition Country Cottage 300pc – with large pieces - motherhooddiaries

This gold edition country cottage puzzle is a little bit different to the others as the pieces are larger, which makes them easier for kids to handle. Although, still a challenge, this timber framed English country cottage and garden in spring was a delight to complete and the boys had a great time, especially, piecing all the flowers together. It’s such a lovely colourful jigsaw with, again, premium grade cardboard and linen finish print to minimise glare.


Size: 49 x 36cm

Age: Suitable for ages 9 years and up

Buy here:

Ravensburger puzzles are always a delight to complete and especially fun and educational for little hands too. You can find a whole range of Ravensburger’s puzzles on the website here or via various other stockists. They don’t just sell jigsaw puzzles too, you can find educational games like ‘My First Clock’ or slightly more difficult jigsaw puzzles like the Big Ben Silhouette puzzle (you can find the review here).

Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle and Puzzle Handy Reviews - motherhooddiaries.com

*Motherhood Diaries was gifted the above Ravensburger products, but all opinions are 100% our own*

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