Ravensburger Big Ben Silhouette Puzzle Review

Ravensburger Big ben silhouette puzzle - motherhooddiaries.com

My 5-year-old absolutely loves jigsaw puzzles and can pretty much breeze through 200-piece jigsaws at an alarming rate. So, I decided to up the stakes and challenge him and the rest of the family to build a 1,155-piece puzzle that was not just over 1 metre tall, but irregular shaped, so that the finished piece resembled London’s Big Ben.


Ravensburger Big ben silhouette puzzle - motherhooddiaries.com

Big Ben, Silhouette Puzzle, 1155pc

Link to the product can be found on Ravensburger’s website here.

“This extraordinary range of Silhouette jigsaw puzzles has been designed specifically to enhance any puzzling experience. The jigsaw puzzle is shaped, so when complete, the entire jigsaw will be the shape of Big Ben and other popular London attractions. And to further enhance your experience, dotted all throughout the puzzle are Big Ben-shaped puzzle pieces. The image itself is a wonderfully rich combination of everything we love about London including Big Ben, the Union flag, big red bus, the London taxi, a telephone box, Tower Bridge and the stunning lion statue from Trafalgar Square. When complete the jigsaw measures 78 x 101cm and it is the ideal puzzle to conserve and hang on the wall as part of your room decoration.” Ravensburger




Age range:

12 years +

Ravensburger have always been my favourite of all puzzle manufacturers because they have a huge range of jigsaw puzzles that suit all characters, as well as very educational games that can be enjoyed at home and as part of continued learning at school.

Ravensburger Big ben silhouette puzzle - motherhooddiaries.com

This particular Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle was a real headscratcher. There were no corners to start off with, so we were not able to follow our standard, find-all-the-corners-first rule. We then opted to look for all the flat edged pieces, which also proved more challenging than normal. Some pieces needed inside pieces to connect, so that rule was also thrown out. We ended up grouping the pieces by colour and we were off to a very slow start.

I noticed that some of the pieces also resembled famous London landmark’s, which I thought was a great touch. However, we were quarter of the way through when an accident happened and all the pieces fell to the floor. We are now tackling Big Ben again and will share an image as soon as we have completed it.

Ravensburger’s jigsaw puzzles have always been a favourite of mine, as mentioned earlier, but not just because of their versatility, but the quality of cardboard used is high and durable enough for little hands. It is easy to tell when a piece fits together, which helps you to progress along the puzzle, especially with challenging jigsaws like the Big Ben Silhouette puzzle.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable puzzle to work on together as a family. We are now completing the puzzle on top of our 1,000-piece travel jigsaw board to prevent any accidents happening again and we are most likely going to laminate and hang this jigsaw puzzle up on our wall when we have finished. The finished look is just awesome.

Rating: 4.5/5 – 0.5 is lost on the fact that the pieces can be removed quite easily, so when transporting a group of jigsaw pieces to the final puzzle, sometimes they are broken up before they get there, which is quite frustrating. Apart from that, we all thoroughly recommend Ravensburger for all your jigsaw puzzle needs. There is so much to choose from, it was be nigh on impossible to find something you didn’t like on the website. They make for perfect Christmas gifts too!

Ravensburger Big ben silhouette puzzle - motherhooddiaries.com


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