Quick and simple fashion tips for busy mums this winter

Quick and simple fashion tips for busy mums this winter - motherhooddiaries

Feeding the kids, keeping on top of the housework, being the family taxi driver, it’s no surprise that us mums sometimes don’t even feature in our own daily to-do list, especially when it comes to looking after ourselves. But, taking some time to look after yourself needn’t be a chore or take up a tremendous amount of time when you have these below quick and simple fashion tips for the winter season.

Groom your hair and face

Cleanse and wash face - Quick and simple fashion tips for busy mums this winter - motherhooddiaries

If you only have a few short minutes before the school run or you need to get to work, then taming your hair can make all the difference. A simple brush through and style can transform a look in minutes and it doesn’t have to take a stylist’s skill to do so. For the ‘curly-sues’, taming the curls in a simple up-do can be a quick and painless way to create an intended messy look that is on trend and fashionable. Low buns are great, even for those with straight hair. But, you can’t go wrong with a sleek ponytail to hide unwashed hair and to keep strays away from the face, especially when looking after busy kids.

Even if you’re not one to put makeup on daily, grooming your eyebrows can make all the difference. A simple cleanse and moisturise can also ensure that the skin on your face and neck are looking at their best, especially during the cold and drying winter season.

Make clothes fit

Most of us like to overindulge a little during the Christmas season, as delicious festive delights are aplenty and the party season is rife with naughty food and drink. Whether you are packing a few extra pounds, attending numerous parties, or gathering the family together at Christmas for a big feast, it is important to note that making clothes fit you properly is the key here. Baggy clothes may hide lumps and bumps, but they also make you look bigger than you really are. Frumpy clothes can hide your real shape and make you appear more rounded. If you’re going for a baggy top, then opt for something fitted on the bottom, like leggings, treggings or skinny jeans. And, vice versa, your baggy trousers should be paired with a fitted top. Fitted clothes are not the same as clothes that are a size too small, however. You want the clothes to drape over the natural contours of your body, not create new rolls where the material clings on to you for dear life!

Layer it up

Winter clothes - Quick and simple fashion tips for busy mums this winter - motherhooddiaries

Layering clothes, if done correctly, can look great. But, to avoid the bulky look, start with a great base point, like a top or a t-shirt that looks good on its own. Keep the layers nice and light, like a great cardigan with a contrasting colour or a light jacket with a great cotton/cashmere feel. Then the outermost layer can be a thick knitted jacket or coat, topped with a great hat/scarf/gloves set to finish off the look.

Cover it all up in a statement winter coat

Buttoned coat - David Nieper - Quick and simple fashion tips for busy mums this winter - motherhooddiaries

(Source: davidnieper.co.uk)

Fitted clothes will look great with a coat that makes a real statement. Head to the shops when you have a rare block of time to spare and try on all sorts of different coats. Find out which suits your physique the best, as there are so many different shapes and styles of coats these days that shopping online for a coat you haven’t tried on yet is a dangerous call to make (unless you have time to return it afterwards). A fitted coat with a high collar can take inches off and make you look taller. Buttoned coats with subtle patterns, like the image above, can make a great statement and still cover enough to create confidence to strut down the street. Again, unless you are a size zero, frumpy will not help you look thinner. So try to go with a coat that has a nipped in waist.

Don’t make it all about black

Wearing black is always a safe bet, especially when you’re not sure what look you’re going for that day. But, vibrant colours, especially during the Christmas season, can change a look with just one item of clothing. Be daring and go for a bold, patterned top or a stripy jumper (as long as the stripes are vertical to create the illusion of an elongated torso). If you’re not ready to stand out just yet, go for a bright scarf over your great statement coat or black jumper. There are lots of ways to experiment without going over the top or spending too much time on yourself.

Please do let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to recreate any of the tips above in the form of a video tutorial. I have short curly hair, so I could send some tips on how I style my hair in the mornings, especially when I have only a few short minutes left to myself before the hustle and bustle of the day begins!

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