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Motherhood Diaries Unveils New Global Magazine for Parents on

New Online Magazine Tackles Real Stories, Issues and Solutions related to Pregnancy and Parenting

London, 15 May 2013 – In this age of web 2.0, more parenting conversations are happening online. Over the years, more underground pregnancy-related problems have started to rise to the surface. One growing issue comes from mothers being pressurised into induction as a result of overdue pregnancies, thus leading to more Caesarean sections in the UK (post-42 week gestation period). One new website aims to open up these conversations to parents in the comfort of their own home. was launched this month by London resident Leyla Preston because, “I needed it myself.” Leyla continues, “I wanted to find an amalgamation of parents’ views on all topics related to pregnancy and parenting, coupled with factual articles to support their views. I needed to compare and share my journey with those parents and feel supported that another parent was going through the same thing as me. I had so many questions and only personal blogs or corporate, generic pregnancy websites to consult online.” Since its launch, hundreds of parents have started sending in their personal accounts and Motherhood Diaries now contains a bank of stories including posts from mothers who have beaten the statistics and ended up having very natural births from the 42nd week of their pregnancy.

Founded in 2010, Motherhood Diaries started off as a weekly pregnancy blog and grew from recommendations and support through family and friends. The idea of turning the website into a global online magazine stemmed from a burning desire to own a magazine and to raise awareness on the positive methods available to carry a baby to term and, ultimately, to birth successfully and easily. And it does not stop there. Motherhood Diaries follows the reader through their post-birth journey, providing them with as much support as possible through stories, product reviews, factual articles and an ‘Ask the Expert’ section, where readers can freely ask and answer questions on any relevant topic.

 “The magazine is not just one person’s very personal view of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, it is a whole bank of people’s views. You see the raw deal here, the stuff people don’t really talk about openly or in public,” says Leyla Preston, CEO/Founder of Motherhood Diaries Ltd.

Notable to Motherhood Diaries is its commitment to positive societal change, encouraging the importance of breastfeeding, but not alienating those mothers who opt to formula feed. “We don’t judge, we educate and support,” Leyla Preston added.

Motherhood Diaries will update daily to ensure all information is factually correct and up-to-date.

About Motherhood Diaries is a web magazine and online global community for parents containing real stories, issues and solutions. Through combining insights and perspectives from real parents with unique research-driven articles, Motherhood Diaries provides the information and connection points that all parents need with lots of support and encouragement to add to the mix.


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