Personalised gifts for the family this Christmas – CanvasChamp™ review

Personalised canvas
Personalised gifts for the family this Christmas – CanvasChamp™ review
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Christmas is around the corner, which means fishing out the Christmas tree and assorted decorations and planning your gifts for friends and family. I find the gift part of Christmas particularly difficult because I always follow the natural thinking process of:

  • Will they like it?
  • Do they have it already?

So, I am exercising damage control this year and I have opted to send personalised gifts because they are unique to the recipient and chances are they won’t have it already.

But where can I find personalised gifts for the family?

There are lots of websites online that offer personalised gifts and I found a great website called CanvasChamp who are offering a massive sale at the moment, with canvas prints as low as £3.89. If you sign up now you will automatically receive a coupon for a free 8″x 8″ canvas print.

Who are CanvasChamp™?

CanvasChamp provide personalised gifts, predominantly canvases, at very reasonable prices. They also offer specialised prints, accessories, wall displays, photo gifts and calendars.

I will be reviewing three of CanvasChamp‘s personalised gifts, i.e two 12″ x 12″ personalised square cushions and one 16″ x 20″ canvas.

12 x 12″ Square Photo Pillow

My sister is leaving to Amsterdam soon and one of my best friends has moved back to London from New York, so I wanted to find special gifts for Christmas this year that portrayed how important they are to me. I have purchased personalised photo pillows in the past for other family members and friends, and they were all very well received. They still showcase their own personalised pillows on their couch when people come to visit.
Ordering a Photo Pillow on CanvasChamp is very simple. You head over to the ‘Photo Gifts’ section and then select the first section, ‘Photo Cushions,’ like below:

Once you click on ‘Photo Cushions’, you’ll be taken to the main page, where you can click on ‘Start Order’ to, well, start your order. You will then be taken to an interactive ‘Pillow Tool’ where you can select either a Square Pillow or a Rectangle Pillow in various sizes. You can also opt for the back side of the pillow to either have a block colour or for an extra £1.99, you can add a personalised photo on the back. My suggestion is that for £1.99 only it’s worth personalising the back with photos.

Click in the middle of the pillow in the main window to upload your photo. I used a tool called Canva to create a collage of photos before I uploaded my image, as you can see below:

CanvasChamp 12 x 12 photo pillow

Once you’ve sorted out the image on the front, go to the back side of the pillow. If you are adding an image to the back, then click the right arrow to ‘Continue to Upload Images’. In this section you can choose to upload your image either from your Computer, Gallery, Facebook or Instagram. When you have finished uploading your image, you will be taken to the Palette Colour Option, but this is only for the back side if you have chosen to use a block colour. You won’t see the colour palette if you are adding a personalised photo on this side. You also have the option of adding text to your pillow, if you wanted to. Finally, you can preview your pillow and if you’re happy, click save and add to your Cart. You should receive your personalised photo pillow within 3 to 10 business days.

Currently, 12″ x 12″ Square Pillows are only £8.75, which is a price massive reduction from £62.50. Plus, when you buy two pillows you get one worth over £30 for free. The code is on the website, so I would utilise this free offer in time for Christmas!

So how did the Personalised Photo Cushions turn out?

Interestingly, the photo cushions arrived in a pink bin with the pillow squashed inside and the cover separate (also squashed). I was initially confused as to why CanvasChamp sent the pillow in this way because it meant that the cover was creased. However, when I took the pillow out of the pink bin (which I’m now using as my food bin) and placed the cover over the pillow, the shape of the pillow ironed out the creases.

Pink bin

I am not entirely convinced that the cushion is made of expensive material, but the overall look was pleasing to the eye and I would be happy to send one of these personalised cushions as a Christmas gift to a valued family member or friend.

16″ x 20″ Personalised Canvas

My dad’s birthday is coming up on 31st December and he has expressed on many occasions that he would like a sentimental photo of him and his two grandkids that he can put up in his office. So, I thought, here’s my chance to send him a personalised canvas of him and his grandkids! Check it out!

Canvas Champ Canvas

Much like the process for the personalised photo cushion, you head over to ‘Canvas Products’ and then click on ‘Canvas Prints’ to take you to the page where you can select the size you want. Prices range according to sizes, but there is a huge sale now, so you can receive a canvas for as little as £3.89! That’s crazy!

When you’ve selected your canvas, click on ‘Start Order’ and follow the steps to create your canvas.

Types of Canvases

You have options to make your print a Wall Display, Photo Collage, Hexagon Prints, Split Canvas, Photo Mosaic, Word Print, Acrylic Prints, Metal Prints, Photo Boards, Lyric on Canvas, 3D Photo Prints or even a Bus Roll!

Select the size

Once you’ve picked your style, upload an image and then select the size you want the canvas to be. CanvasChamp will recommend a size according to your image if you are unsure.

Image wrap

Next you can opt for how you’d like the image to wrap around the canvas. You can go for a Thin or Thick Gallery Wrap, a Rolled Canvas, or a Hanging Canvas.


If you’d prefer a border, there are various options for those too. Once you’ve selected your choice you will then be given an option to hang your canvas with hooks, a sawtooth hanger, an easel stand, or a dust cover back.

Back of the canvas

Optional colour finishing

You have the option of changing the colour and style of your canvas, using well known colour finishers like Sepia, Grayscale and even an Andy-Warhol effect. There are lots more to choose from so it’s worth playing around a bit with the finish

Lamination Options

If you want to laminate your canvas that’s an extra £3.74 on top, otherwise you can opt not to if you don’t want to pay extra

Minor Photo Touching

If you require any touches to your image like red eye remove or you need to enhance the colour, you can in this section. You can also leave instructions to CanvasChamp if you require to change something specific

Proof Request

You can even ask for CanvasChamp to send you an email with the design proof before they print to canvas, so you can make sure your image looks perfect before you receive the finished product.

What did I think of the personalised canvas?

I am impressed with the sturdiness that the thin MFI board at the back of the canvas provides. It means that you’re less likely to poke a hole through the front by accident when propping up against the wall. I would suggest you pick the lamination option so that the quality comes out as best as it can get, but at its most basic setting, the picture quality is great, and I think my dad will be very happy to receive this canvas as his birthday gift.

What do I think of CanvasChamp™?

CanvasChamp is quite widely used around the world and so has already built up a reputation for quality and reliability. I would say that more care can be taken in the presentation of the photo cushions. But, at least there is a multi-purpose to the bin they provide. I’m more impressed with the sturdiness of the canvas which I haven’t seen when purchasing from other companies. I also found the multitude of options available to you online easy to use and ideal when you are trying to make your gift as unique as possible. I would recommend using CanvasChamp as a great personalised gifts service. But, I’d start shopping now so you don’t miss the shipping time.

*In collaboration with CanvasChamp*

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