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2016 was the year of just winging it. I wasn’t following any diet or exercise plan and I was pretty much working on my magazine when I had some spare time during the day. I even had a lacklustre bedtime routine in place for the boys, which meant that sometimes they would go to bed at 7 pm… and sometimes it would be 8.30pm before they’d fall asleep.

2017 is going to be different. I am going to be more efficient and productive with my time and my work. I have also completely overhauled my diet by cooking all-natural, veggie-heavy, whole food meals for myself and the boys (including hubby) and we are all feeling brilliant! What’s more, I’m really stepping up my exercise game, aiming to workout 4 to 5 times a week now (rather than the 2, maybe 3 times a week I managed last year). I have even created a little Facebook group called The 6am Club, which will be able to motivate me and my tribe of members to get fit before the day starts, as my hours during the day, looking after the boys (as well as cleaning, cooking, working) are just too precious – and short.

But, on top of that New Year buzz of pumping iron, burning calories, eating clean, and throwing procrastination to the wind, there is one area that myself and 61 percent of us are still neglecting to exercise – our pelvic floor!

Our pelvic floor

Yes, our pelvic floor. The one area we overlook on our bodies and the one muscle we so wished we had strengthened when it’s too late. I’m guilty of always forgetting to do my pelvic floor (so, I’m doing it right now, as I write this), although, I am lucky enough to not have experienced very bad bladder weakness yet. But, even though I and 90 per cent* of ladies know the importance of completing our pelvic floor exercises (it improves your sex life and reduces unexpected leaks, ladies!), still, 61 percent* of us are not training these muscles when we know we should be. According to recent research from lights by TENA, one in three** women in the UK experience light bladder weakness and this is a common occurrence for 69 per cent*** of pregnant women and new mums. So, what exactly is bladder weakness?

What is light bladder weakness/incontinence?

Light bladder weakness is quite commonly due to a weakened pelvic floor, which is that muscle that runs from your pubic bone at the front of your body to the base of your spine. Pregnancy and childbirth can definitely exacerbate symptoms, which can result in little leaks or oooops moments. You can read more about what light bladder weakness is here.

There’s an app so you don’t forget to exercise! It’s called ‘My PFF’

MyPFF app - lights by tena - motherhooddiaries.com

So, incontinence experts, lights by TENA, have created an innovative app called, ‘my pff’ (my pelvic floor fitness) which shows you how to exercise your pelvic floor and subtly remind you throughout the day, so that you don’t forget. There are three difficulty levels to choose from and you can create your own exercise plan to suit your level, which you can gradually increase as you get stronger. You can set up to six reminders at one time, so you can hit snooze and exercise when you can. You can find more information on light bladder weakness and why it happens in the app as well. And, it’s completely free to download too, so head on over to lights by TENA’s website here and start exercising for free now.

Thanks to lights by TENA’s workout kit, I can always be prepared for every kind of exercise

Lights by TENA workout kid - motherhooddiaries.com

To help me enjoy a New Year of Healthy Me, lights by TENA sent me a gorgeous workout kit, which will help me to prepare for every kind of exercise, including the pelvic floor, so I can keep in tip top shape for the brand-new year ahead. So, here is my 2017 plan, going forward, using lights by TENA’s workout kit:

Get energised

Lights by TENA workout kit - BOUNCE protein energy bites coconut cranberry - motherhooddiaries.com

Wake up at 6 am, tune into The 6 am Club for motivation, fuel up with Boost protein bites to help me smash my personal workout best and do my pelvic floor exercises


Download some banging tunes with a high up-tempo using the £15 iTunes voucher in the kit, as well as some meditational music for my yoga cooldown, whilst doing my pelvic floor exercises

Workout beauty routine

Lights by tena - workout kit - motherhooddiaries.com

Wipe my brow and freshen my face with makeup wipes and spruce my hair with dry shampoo, if I am not able to get to a shower (although, bath is super optimal!) and do my pelvic floor exercises.

Wind down

And, relax! It is so important to make sure you rest after a hard day’s work, especially when you’ve managed to fit in exercise too! So, I will soothe those aching muscles, by running a bath, lighting a candle and really concentrate on my breathing as I fully unwind with a lovely hot bath. Oh, and do my pelvic floor exercises as well!

So, whether you’re watching a movie with the kids, running multiple errands, practicing yoga at home or working up a sweat at the gym, make sure you’re practicing your pelvic floor exercises anytime, anywhere. No one will know you’re doing it, but you will reap the benefits!

Here’s my #Squeezingselfie of me doing my pelvic floor exercises. Can you tell that I’m doing it whilst I’m working? Skiing in the alps? Waiting to watch Ice Age with the boys? Or, hanging out with my friends and my boys?

#squeezingselfie - motherhooddiaries - lights by tena workout kit

Here is to a New Year, Healthy You!

* One Poll survey of 2,000 UK women, 2016

** International Consultation on Incontinence (ICI), publication 2013, Abrams et al

*** One Poll survey of 1,000 women, 2016

Disclaimer: I was provided a workout kit from lights by TENA for free, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Perfect your pelvic floor this 2017 with lights by TENA – New Year, Healthy You - motherhooddiaries

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