OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Berries Bowl & Colander Set, Apple Divider and 360 LiquiSeal Travel Mug Product Review

Good grips

OXO have generously provided Motherhood Diaries with three more products from the Good Grip range.

These are:

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OXO Good Grips Website and Social Networking Sites:

Website – http://www.oxouk.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/oxouk

Twitter – http://twitter.com/oxo_uk

What is OXO Good Grips all about?

You might recognise OXO from those delicious stock cubes they make in chicken, beef and vegetable. But, OXO also dedicates its time to providing innovative consumer products that make every day living easier.
OXO’s founder, Sam Farber, chose the name ‘OXO’ because whether it is horizontal, vertical, upside down or backwards, it always reads, ‘OXO’.

OXO have more than 200 products in the UK under various brands, Good Grips being one of those brands.

How much does each product cost and where can you buy them?

  • 3-Piece Berry Bowl and Colander Set – £15.00
  • Apple Divider – £7.00
  • 360˚ Liquiseal™ Travel Mug – Plastic – £15.00

You can buy these products at www.oxouk.com and participating stores.


Leyla Preston of www.motherhooddiaries.com


OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Berry Bowl and Colander Set

“The 3-Piece Berry Bowl & Colander Set is the perfect size for rinsing berries, quinoa, beans and more. The Bowl and Colander nest for compact storage, a must-have for consumers with limited space. The Bowl features a non-slip bottom for stability and dual tone colours provide kitchen-to-table appeal. The curved Bowl has no internal angles or corners, ensuring efficient mixing and easy cleaning. The Colander has an elevated ring along the bottom to keep it stable in the sink or on the countertop and elongated holes for fast, efficient draining. The lid seals the Bowl for convenient food storage in the fridge, or rests on nested Bowl and Colander to stack while storing. Bowl, Colander and lid are dishwasher safe.”

We eat a lot of fruit at home and berries, especially, feature a lot with the boys and I. We go blackberry picking every late summer and this 3-Piece Berry Bowl and Colander Set would seem perfect for this occasion. We could store the berries in the Bowl and if we have access to running water at the time, we could wash them with the Colander counterpart. And, how would we take them home? Well, we could store them in the bowl, tightly secured by the third piece in the set – the Lid.

I decided to ‘really’ use this 3-piece set on a cake I had made a long time ago, but with a twist of adding a variety of berries to the cake this time. You can find the Apple and Berries Cake Recipe here, where I include pictures of the Bowl and Colander Set in action (below).

This is a fantastic piece of equipment for any type of berry, or a member of the legume family, i.e. beans and lentils etc, and it’s small enough to store in the smallest of kitchens. The Colander is sturdy and the non-slip bottom does offer some stability when washing the berries. The handles on the side also aid a good firm grip on the bowl. I wouldn’t exactly say that the red plastic Bowl provides kitchen-to-table appeal. I mean, the colour is nice (an aptly coloured red for a berry bowl), but the plastic looks cheap and cheerful. The real quality is behind the way the three pieces come together. The Colander sits comfortably on top of the Bowl and the lid is quite strong and secure, even when the Bowl is full to the brim with berries. Definitely a benefit rather than a wasteful piece of kitchen equipment.

What did I like most about 3-Piece Berry Bowl and Colander Set?

Small, sturdy and suitable for on-the-go or in the kitchen, the 3 pieces work well together. The gaps in the Colander mean you can even wash rice, but it won’t be as effective as an all-round Colander.

Other points to note:

Red is my favourite colour. 😉


5 out of 5 – Its use is clear and it works very well.

OXO Good Grips Apple Divider

“Core and slice apples and pears with ease with the OXO Good Grips Apple Divider. Soft, wide handles take the pressure off your hands, and sharp stainless steel blades glide easily through fruit and yield for perfect slices. The handles are raised to assure ample clearance between your hands and the table, The OXO Good Grips Apple Divider is perfect for pies, crumble or preparing a simple snack”

When I saw this Apple Divider, I immediately thought, ‘Ah, this could actually save me some time from cutting up apples conventionally with a knife.’ But, would I miss it if I didn’t have it? Not really. I have only used this product on apples so far because, honestly, I wouldn’t have imagined it could cut through pears because of its circular shape, which is evidently perfect for apples. But, I will try it and see how it goes. Here is the Apple Divider in action when I was making my Apple and Berries Cake.

Normally I leave the skin on when I’m offering an apple to the boys (there is a lot of goodness in the skin!) but for the Apple and Berries Cake, I had to peel the apple first. The core of the Divider is a great measuring tool for placing the stem of the apple right in the middle of the corer. The two huge handles allow you to grip the Divider firmly and press down rather forcefully onto the apple. The apple is cored and segmented nicely (albeit not perfectly) into 12 snack-sized apple slices. I have tried the Apple Divider on apples with the skin intact and there isn’t much difference in the strength required. The steel blades are sharp and can cut through the apple quite well. But, you have to gently knead the Apple Divider to cut right through the apple. Having said that, it may just be me being overly cautious about not wanting to break the bowl or table underneath with my unknown (untold) strength (*cough*).

What did I like most about the OXO Good Grips Apple Divider?

This is, yet again, another good quality piece of equipment from OXO’s Good Grips range. The product itself is made of strong stuff and can chomp through your finger if you’re not careful enough.

Other points to note:

A nice luxury item for the kitchen lover, but not an absolute necessity.


5 out of 5 – It cuts through cheese quite nicely too, so it’s multifunctional.

OXO Good Grips 360° LiquiSeal™ Travel Mug – Plastic

“Easy sipping and no spilling! Enjoy your hot beverage on the go with the OXO Good Grips 360° LiquiSeal™ Travel Mug. A 360° opening all around the lip of the Mug lets you drink from any direction. Our Mug features three silicone seals to insure no spills and double wall construction to improve thermal retention, keeping your beverage hotter longer. Just click to open and click to seal from a simple button. A soft, non-slip handle gives you a secure hold when on the go and the tapered Mug accommodates a wide variety of cup holders. For easy cleaning, simply disassemble the lid.”

I really wanted to try out this Travel Mug because I’m a big hot beverage drinker and I’m constantly running about to different places, with coffee in the back of my mind. But, my husband took ownership of this Mug and his argument that he travels to and from work every day won over my coffee comfort. So, I relinquished control and handed over this part of the review to my husband.

Hubby – “This Travel Mug is a great product to travel with and you can pretty much drink from any angle. I really like the strong handle, which provides a great grip on the Mug and it’s very easy to disassemble. I love the simple click open and seal button for easy access.”

What did I like most about the OXO Good Grips 360° LiquiSeal™ Travel Mug?

For a Travel Mug, you want efficiency and stability, and this product has both. It’s also very simple to clean.


5 out of 5 – Can’t fault it.


OXO Good Grips produce 3 more high quality, innovative products for the kitchen. Have you used a product from the OXO Good Grips range? We’d love to hear your opinion!

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