Organic vs. Non-Organic Baby Skin Care Products

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Our skin isn’t just a covering to hold in our muscles, bones, and organs. It’s our primary defence against internal injury, and one of our first lines of defence against pathogens that try to invade our bodies. It’s also a living breathing organ itself, the largest our body has, in fact. In addition to keeping our skin in good shape by watching that it doesn’t get cut or scraped, we also must watch what we put onto our skin – and our baby’s skin. More than 60% of what we put onto our skin is absorbed into our bodies. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider organic vs. non-organic baby skin care products and to choose healthy skin care products for little bodies.

Why choose organic baby skin care products?

Organic baby skin care products are free of synthetic chemicals that many non-organic skin care products contain. These synthetic chemicals soak into the baby’s skin, and the body recognises them as foreign substances that should be fought. The fight against these invaders shows up often as allergies, skin rashes, and sometimes far more dangerous conditions. By choosing natural baby products, you choose products that are certified to be free of toxic pesticides and herbicides and other dangerous chemicals that may harm your baby.

Why should you avoid non-organic baby skin care products?

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Non-organic baby skin care products not only contain many dangerous chemicals that can harm your baby, they contain chemicals that can harm the planet and wildlife as well. Our earth’s stability rests on our wise product choices, so eschewing non-organic baby skin care products means you’re making a good choice and helping our world stay free of pollution.

Organic vs. non-organic baby skin care products: choose Baby Mantra

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Baby Mantra organic baby skin care products are smart product choices for parents pondering organic vs. non-organic baby skin care products. All their plant-based baby skin care products are 100% organic and free of harmful ingredients. One of their top sellers, the EWG baby lotion, is rated by the EWG (Environmental Working Group) as a clean and healthy product to put on a baby. To learn more about the EWG baby lotion and other organic baby skin care products, you can view all of the products on their website.

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