The wait to become pregnant continues…

The wait to become pregnant continues...

So I came on yesterday.  I actually feel like I handled it pretty well this month – for a change!  I am not sure if that is because:

  • I am doing really well on the whole ‘trying to stay positive’ thing (unlikely at this point!)
  • We are moving forwards on the road to IVF
  • Whether part of me just didn’t expect to be pregnant this month
On the positive side:
  • I can stop feeling guilty about the one small bottle of beer I had this month!  
  • I can gorge on smoked salmon, soft cheese and red wine for at least a week without worrying I am harming my unborn child
  • I wont be seven months pregnant at my wedding (not sure if this is positive or not?)
  • I know I haven’t reached the menopause!

The wait to become pregnant continues

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The Moody Broody (2 Posts)

I am 35 year old female living very happily with 'the man of my dreams' and our two very spoiled rescue cats. We have been trying to have a baby for the last two years and it turns out that process can be quite stressful. I have not been the easiest of people to live with during that time (hence the name of the blog!) but that is all going to change. I have decided to be all about the positive from now on and hope this blog will be a place to share thoughts, vent frustration and laugh in the face of infertility. I would love you to join me x