New Mum? Tips on how to stay Happy and Healthy

New Mums tips on staying healthy -
New Mum? Tips on how to stay Happy and Healthy
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Mums, you are literally on duty, 24-7. Even if you are new to motherhood, don’t expect any exemptions. There will be no weekends off or sick leaves for you, so, it is important to stay happy and healthy all the time. Also, it is a well-known fact that a healthy mother makes for a healthy and happy kid. It is difficult to grin and bear it when you’ve had zero hours sleep and your ear drums have been perforated by the sound of baby/children crying/snoring/moaning. But, in order to start the process of being happy and normal again, you need to surround yourself with positivism (sometimes just looking at your baby and smiling once in a while helps.) Staying healthy is also a difficult thing to control when you barely have enough time to go to the loo, let alone make yourself and the family a 5-a-day meal, bursting with vitamins and nutrients. You just want to get up and reach for a ready-made snack that will fill you up long enough until the next feed/nappy. But, the below tips on staying healthy really don’t take long and are essential to a happy and healthy mind and body.


Guzzling a bottle of water a day keeps you hydrated all the time. Dehydration is one of the issues faced by new mums because you are so occupied with the baby that you often forget to drink water. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, headache, and even lack of energy, so, ensure you carry a bottle of water with you everywhere you go and remember to sip at regular intervals.


This is difficult because one struggles to find the time to take a nap and ensuring you take a bath/shower regularly is an even bigger challenge. However, you should make sure that you do wash regularly. If no one is around, ask your relative to drop in for an hour or so to take care of the baby. You’ll also find that having that all-important bath/shower can wash away the cobwebs and leave you feeling rejuvenated. If you are really stuck for babysitting, place the baby in a bouncer/sleeper in the bathroom, so you can see them when you’re showering. The steam from the shower will also help to decongest them if they are feeling stuffy.


Mum and child watching tv

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TV is usually a big NO for little ones. However, sometimes it’s ok to let the kiddies watch a little bit of baby-friendly TV while you recharge yourself on the couch or go online to play bingo or solitaire. The extra time to switch off means you can take a well-needed break and you won’t be putting your child in danger at the same time. Mums need to take breaks!


Take your little one for a walk in their stroller. However, if they can walk, let them walk in the park. You both will benefit from the scenery, exercise and fresh air. It’s amazing how much clarity you can receive from a brief walk outside.


As a mum, it is difficult to find time to exercise, whether by working out or using the great outdoors to stretch those legs. But, simple 30-minute daily exercises can do wonders to your energy levels and, of course, make you look and feel good! If your little one is still in a stroller then use the chance to go for a long walk. You get the blood circulating around your body and your little one gets to learn about the new world around them. Win-win!


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You take proper care of what your kids eat. If it isn’t healthy, you switch their menu and add healthy items to the list. However, don’t forget that you are your child’s main source of energy and if you do not eat healthy food yourself – or skip meals altogether – you will affect their health indirectly. So, make sure you’re paying yourself the same attention too!


Check-ups can keep you updated on your health cycle. For example, if you feel drained, dropping sugar levels can be a reason. However, there may be more underlying problems, so, make sure that you opt for regular health check-ups.

What else should a new mum do to stay healthy?

New mum? tips on how to stay happy and healthy

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