Mums Get Skin Tags Too

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Mums Get Skin Tags Too
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Skin tags are a common skin condition for many people. Some first time moms discover skin tags on their breasts, but these tags don’t affect breastfeeding and most first time moms shouldn’t be concerned about them. If you’ve never experienced a skin tag before, it’s just a raised piece of skin. Some are bigger than others and some are fairly small.

You can find skin tags in many areas, some people even have them under their eyes. The main places where people get skin tags are on spots with folds, like the eyes, armpits, the groin area and even on the neck. As some mums have experienced, they can also appear in the folds of your breasts.

What are skin tags?

If you have skin tags the first thing you need to know is that they are harmless. They may look and feel strange, but it’s just skin. They aren’t cancerous and they really aren’t a sign of any other health problems. 

People that suffer from obesity are more likely to get skin tags, but anyone can get them, even mums. They are also more common in middle-aged adults. Some people think that it is the friction of skin on skin or clothes on skin that cause them, so it could be possible to get them in other areas too.

Mums can deal with skin tags on their little ones too. Skin tags aren’t just an adult thing; although they are more common the older you get.

How to get rid of skin tags

Some people think that skin tags are like grey hairs and if you remove one three more will appear in its place. They aren’t hydra; skin tags aren’t a mythical creature. However, you don’t want to remove one by slicing it off at home. That’s just asking for an infection and should be left to your doctor. If your tag is on your eye you definitely need it professionally removed. There are a few different ways that you can get skin tags removed.

You can have your skin tag cauterised by the doctor, where it will be burned off with heat, via electrolysis. Cryosurgery removes it using liquid nitrogen. The blood supply can also be cut off to the skin tag, called ligation.

If you’d rather treat it at home you can purchase skin tag remover to use from home. Most of these use natural ingredients that work well in sensitive areas. It seems like this would be the better mummy option too–especially when it comes to sensitive areas or younger skin tag sufferers. You want something that is gentle and that won’t leave a scar. 

The important thing to remember is that skin tags are harmless, albeit annoying, depending on where they are located. It’s not likely your skin tag will go away on its own, so if you want it removed try out a home treatment that is gentle and not harmful to your skin or health. It’s also a great choice for skin tags on your little ones. This option is also cheaper than a visit to the doctor and leaves you without the pain caused by some of the other treatments available.

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